the weekend.

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our weekend was just lovely.
some highlights included: 
  • eating cold pizza for breakfast
  • antiquing in lucketts {again} and finding a number of new little treasures for our place
  • a big crepe dinner with the cutest little family in maryland 
  • finding my hot pink tights
  • an ikea adventure
  • observing by car gorgeous green fields for miles and miles in virginia
  • reading through more of your inspiring happy lists
  • creating a lovely new 8pm bedtime rule for sunday evenings {we’re still catching up on sleep from weeks ago}
what did you do this weekend?
  1. Steffi

    Isn´t Virginia wonderful? I visited my best friend there in November and I loved it so much. You can also look forward to autumn ;-)

    I recently discovered your blog and think it´s so lovely… reading it always makes me happy!

    Greetings from Munich in Germany.

  2. i think everyone should have an 8pm bedtime rule…maybe more days than just sunday! i would pull that one off if a certain person agreed with me :) i did a whole lot of nothing this weekend, but it was amazing. have a wonderful week!

  3. Helen

    Hmm I could just eat some cold pizza right now. I spent the weekend finishing off my dissertation, eating ice cream and chocolate in bed with my boyfriend while watching Lord of The Rings and doing yet more uni work. Not a bad weekend really.

  4. sounds like a wonderful weekend :)

    I spent my weekend thrifting vintage book and musical sheets, then making little envelopes with them (although I left some unharmed because they were too pretty)

  5. What a sweet photo.
    And I love reading about beautifully captured moments!

  6. Amanda

    I love antiquing AND hot pink tights?! That is a good weekend. I spent my weekend chaperoning a dance at the high school I work at (hence the profile photo), auditioned for a play, and spent several hours at Barnes & Noble with the parents. Plus, we enjoyed some rare rain in Boise. I love the smell of rain!

  7. I got ENGAGED!!!! He proposed to me in the Photobooth that we go to EVERY friday- he even knelt down in the tiny little booth! It was completely unexpected! I couldn’t be happier! I will be putting photos up on my blog very SOON!

  8. The antiquing and green fields sound positively lovely!
    This weekend I had brunch with my “family” of best friends and then we all got sad that some of us were leaving/graduating back to the middle east/US and we would probably not see each other for a long time :(

  9. Oh, great idea on the early bedtime. I need to make myself do that! Sound like you had a lovely weekend. (You are rockin’ those pink tights by the way.)

  10. The weekend was just lovely. Saturday we hung out with my friend that is visiting from Ohio and had a cookout.

    On Sunday we blew up the air mattress, put it in the middle of the living room and we spent a rainy Virginia Sunday watching movies. Then we headed to the 9:30 Club to see Gavin Rossdale in concert. :)

    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! :)

  11. I like early bedtimes sometimes, i wake up more refreshed

    cute picture!

  12. I made it to Tokyo and back without catching swine flu! At least, not yet :)

  13. Parker

    Mrs. Pretty,
    My weekend was full of adventures with my lovely husband.
    We had a yard sale on Saturday. We delivered cupcakes to friends. We soaked in the hottub.
    We went to a baby blessing.
    We had our last Sunday in our little Mississippi ward.
    We talked about our big move and reminensed about how thankful for the time we have had in Mississippi.
    I told my husband I was proud of him for finishing his PhD.
    We took photos on the traintracks by our house in the rain.
    I read your lovely blog and smiled.
    love love love,

  14. you are the cutest thing ever. it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend :)

  15. Johanna

    What a sweet weekend. Gosh, I live for them.

    This weekend I:
    -Celebrated the Kentucky Derby (I live in Louisville) by visiting two backyard parties- one with a trampoline!
    -Took our pups to the park.
    -Visited a beautiful nursery and planted our summer garden.
    -Movie date.
    -Vietnamese food.

  16. Sounds lovely! We had a relaxing weekend–spent Saturday morning in bed, the afternoon browsing our favorite stores. Sunday was church and a lovely drive. Enjoy your week!

  17. this sounds like a perfect weekend…i hosted a breakfast for my closest girlfriends…drank mimosas and ate frittatas (pictures on my blog today).

  18. I watched the movie Once for the first time and hated that I’d had the soundtrack all this time and didn’t love it like I should have.

    Your blog is lovely


  19. M.J.

    Set-up a rain barrel to collect run-off from my roof.

    Planted tomatoes.

    Ate out twice–Saturday night at an Ethiopian restaurant and Sunday afternoon at my favorite neighborhood sushi spot.

    Called my mom.

  20. I did a few mini photo sessions for Mother’s Day, visited my grandma (the best experience), watched a couple movies and cleaned the house.


    Glad you found those tights!

  21. such a fun weekend!

    i went garage sale-ing with the husband, then spent the rest of the weekend relaxing with him:) it was lovely!

  22. your weekend sounds amazing. this weekend I went to the movies, saw more Grey’s Anatomy, and baked red velvet cupcakes. now wishing weekends were longer.

  23. lauren

    i thought your photo was a painting of you at first! so cool!

  24. love your image!

  25. adorable pic

  26. You know, this weekend my husband was out of town so it was pretty relaxed for me. But at one point I had a cupcake and a cup of tea – totally thought of you.

  27. husband + i went to ikea this weekend too!

    and an 8pm bedtime sounds devine!

  28. Sarah

    Your hair is so cute like that! I love the twistys and the pink tights with the green field.

    I did a lot of laundry and sleeping this weekend to celebrate no more school.

  29. Thao

    That DOES sound lovely! You look so happy in that photo. I went to a tulip festival in Holland, Michigan and saw many windmills, Dutch people, and of course, tulips! It was a nice, wholesome change from being in the city.

  30. Drank pineapple soda for the first time in about 6 yrs.
    Taught my son how to jump into the pool.

    Love your hair!

  31. Sum

    Your outfit is adorable! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend!

  32. Diana

    we took all of our 7 different polaroid cameras (the ones that still had film, sadness) and took photos on the train tracks and the rooftop. we went to la, bought a marc bag, took pola’s in la, had pinks’ hot dogs, and visited downtown. we stayed in bed all day yesterday, watched as many cohen brothers movies as we could and started the last season of seinfeld. yowza.

  33. Sounds like a nice weekend.
    Mine included:
    – helping my roommate move in + adding lots of her great furniture to our little house
    – making breakfast for my boyfriend
    – long walk to the pier
    – celebrating a friend’s birthday
    – boyfriend making me oatmeal + latte in bed
    – hike over the beautiful hollywood mountains
    5 more days till the next weekend!

  34. Lindsey

    This weekend I got myself a new (old) haircut and a new (old) iMac. Both from the same super talented girl on Coast Highway, Corona Del Mar.

  35. you had quite the busy weekend! virginia and maryland all in one weekend. whoah!

  36. Every Sunday evening, I force myself to go to bed early. It’s the only thing I can to do to cope with the fact that the weekend is over, and Monday is near. I too agree that an 8 o’clock bedtime is a must! ;)

  37. Shayla

    Sounds like a WONDERFUL weekend! I LOVE Virgina, it's so beautiful!
    Here in Idaho we were blessed with a day of sun & beauty to play at the park AND a stormy Sunday, complete with thunder & lightning! It was a great one :)
    Happy a lovely week!

  38. Sounds like a great weekend. Days always start off great with cold pizza!…haha :)

  39. you are lovely and always make me smile…thank you:)

  40. I’m with you on an 8pm bedtime on Sundays… the whole fam went to bed early here last night, and it was delicious!

  41. erin

    very sweet. looks like a wonderful weekend!

  42. Meghan

    It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! You should post some pics of the new place!!!

  43. An 8pm Sunday bedtime is a great idea! It sounds like you had an amazing weekend. I had crepes too! Yumm… I hope you have a great week. Your blog makes so many people (including me!) so happy.

  44. that sounds like a fantastic weekend! and there you are wearing that gorgeous color again! i LOVE yellow!