oh regina, how i love you.

dear regina: this song, this video, your other songs, your other videos, all your fabulous concerts… you will always be my favorite. thank you for putting out another album, i’ve been waiting and waiting. 

dear husband: she’s performing on {or perhaps for} my birthday june 17th in nyc. *hint. hint* just sayin.  ... Read more

meet the brockintons.

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meet sam & ashley. we don’t know them, 

but after seeing this little film they put together,  i’m dying to meet them! thank you ashley for sending this my way!  you two are adorable! also, totally reminds me of one of my favorite films, amelie. so good! ... Read more

worth seeing.

i’m in new york city right now and went to the met this morning to see the model as the muse exhibit {exploring the reciprocal relationship between high fashion & evolving ideals of beauty}. 

if you’re in the city or planning to be here sometime soon, go! it’s up until august 9th and i loved it.... Read more

here’s to happiness {by melanie}

awesome happy list below. floating on my back in the ocean sounds divine right now. so does a vintage bicycle & some ice cream. thanks melanie!! 

melanie’s list of 10 things that make her terribly happy: sleeping in, then having breakfast in bed floating on my back in the ocean listening to my husband speak french pirouettes in the kitchen holidays to new destinations ice cream, particularly mint chocolate chip sending postcards to my family vintage bicycles sharing a meal with friends red lipstick thank you melanie!... Read more