1. Jean

    I love that!

  2. so sweet and true.

    My hubby and I always have full conversations that we think are hilarious and then realize when we try to tell someone about it that only the two of us would ever get anything we said.

  3. I think I need this made into a plaque for my living room! :)

  4. Emmy

    Love it! So true!!

  5. love that too :)

  6. My list of favorites is getting fuller and fuller by all these blogs you’ve introduced us to…can they all be favorites?:)

    This quote rocked, and I agree with the other comments, it should be made into a plaque.

    There’s a saying in our family, “everybody is somebody’s weirdo.”

  7. Brooke

    I absolutely love that quote! So true!

  8. Adecdote:

    When I was younger (like four or five), my two older brothers would call me weird and I would go running to my mom. She explained that weird is a lot like being different and it is okay to be your own person. So I went back to my older brothers and screeched, “Weird means different!”

    I will never live it down.

  9. Sara

    You linked me!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  10. M.J.

    The most perfect and honest description of love I’ve ever heard!

  11. SO TRUE! <3

  12. oh I love it!

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  14. Oh so true! and oh how I can’t wait to meet my compatible in weirdness man:)

  15. so true! xo.

  16. erin

    v. true! happy weekend!

  17. Namine

    good pespective

  18. sydney

    hey hey
    just wated to know if you are making anymore headband i love them and wanted to get one for my lovelly sister bday!

  19. we put this quote in my sisters wedding video back in 2004 — i love it! it’s so fabulous and true :D

  20. Kelsey

    That is amazing and I love it.

  21. wow i love that!!

  22. Haha! So true. Definitely true in my case anyway! What sweet, different (weird) way to look at love. And I like what Johnny & Alice's family says (from post above) about everyone being somebody's weirdo. That's just so darn cute! I want it made into a t-shirt!

  23. so so very true!

  24. AmyK

    Hubby always says that the reason he married me is because he couldn’t find anybody else that was as weird as he is, so he found somebody weirder–haha! I love him.

  25. May I use this as my wedding vow? I think my fiance would dig it.

  26. Shawn

    Love, love, love it!

  27. i’ve never been able to put into words as concise as this how everything just “works” with my boyfriend. now i get it. our weirdness is mutual. hehe.

  28. Love the look and “feel” of your blog and this post made me laugh. Completely true.

  29. “mutual weirdness” i love it.

  30. i sometimes wonder what the best way is to describe what i’m looking for in my future forever hubby. This is perfect.

  31. Liz

    Your blog makes me happy. Thank you for sharing!

  32. This is so sweet! I LOVE IT!

  33. so cute. I’m looking forward to finding the one compatible with my weirdness :)

  34. I love that!!
    It truly describes love x

  35. I absolutely agree with that quote. It definitely fits my man and I! Also, I just found your blog, and I adore it! Here’s to more happy reading! xoxo

  36. absolutely true. And there's a little bit of a glamorous weirdo in all of us. >,<


  37. Ann

    Oh my. That’s us.

    My weirdness (thankfully) is not his weirdness, and his weirdness is not MY weirdness, so together we make a really nice weird person.

    It’s all good.

  38. CAPow

    that. is so true!

  39. perfectly put!

    congratulations on your words being an inspiration to many!!

  40. krista

    i just saw this and immediately thought of you.
    (which is a little weird because i don’t even know you!)
    but i know enough to be absolutely sure you will appreciate the awesomeness of this.
    hope you’re having a great weekend!


  41. b and i have had this very conversation. we’re both weird and we accept each other without judgment and we live a happy, weird life together! it’s perfect.

  42. Bird*

    i like that.

  43. so cute! i will definitely have to show this to someone. :)

  44. Kristin

    Such a cute blog, and such a flippin cute little post!! I love it!!!

  45. So very true. My boyfriend and I are so incredibly goofy together… But it works for us and I couldn’t love him any more!

  46. Lauren

    This is SO true!! I just need to find someone who appreciates my weirdness….I’m still on the hunt : )

  47. That’s perfect! I think we are all a little geeky too! Or is that just me?

  48. Elastic

    This is such an accurate description of me and my man. We often sit there and say “Do you think other people are as weird as us?”.

    I love it so much I have framed it and its on my fireplace!

  49. i really enjoy this!! i may have to steal it for the upcoming wedding…

  50. This is so true it’s scary!

    Thank heavens I found my ” weirdy” match, because I fly my “weird” flag often!

  51. I love this thank you for sharing. I hope you are enjoying DC. I am in Florida right and loving the sunshine and rain too.
    Also thank you for sharing everyones things that make them happy because they make me happy.
    Also my blog is kristinlearobinson.blogspot.com

    Tell Josh Hello for me and go to the Modern side of the National Gallery. I love the Rothkos and Pollocks there!

  52. how utterly terrific! I want to use this in the wedding somehow…

  53. PS~Erin

    Oh, I love this! My husband and I were just talking abt how we are so “normal” and everyone else is so “weird”… And then we quickly agreed that it was probably the other way around, but that we were so totally happy with one another that it didn’t matter in the least. Thanks for passing this along!

  54. clara

    hi! i really really love this. i already shared it with my boyfriend and he totally agrees. i’m his weirdo and he’s my weirdo. hehe. anyway i just created a tumblr account and i want to post this. hope it’s okay?

    btw i know this is a stupid question but what do you type to be able to link back to a website? like what you did in {via …}


  55. This is perfect.

  56. Alex

    One of my favorite quotations, and the inspiration behind my blog name!

  57. I know this is an old post but i love it! I'm such a weird girl ;)