hey husband, i love you.

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when you play with my hair at night without me asking you to, 
it makes me so happy.
i also like that you wore a bow tie to work yesterday 
and that you snooze the alarm so we can cuddle each morning.
thanks for putting up with me.

{i can be very hard to put up with sometimes…
especially when i’m hungry}
  1. M.J.

    You too seem so happy together–it’s refreshing. :)

  2. Diana

    hooray for husbands!! and i am glad my husband is not the only one who wears a bow tie! he feels silly but i encourage him to wear it.

  3. I adore reading and writing love letters!!! :)

  4. Janssen

    That is SO sweet. I love the hair playing – it’s one of my favorites too :)

  5. c&p

    naomi, i simply adore you and your husbands love for life. It’s extremely refreshing and whenever I read your posts, I am always reminded of the importance of paying attention to the little things…because that’s where joy can really be found. thank you thank thank you!

  6. what a sweet message~

    writing my husband thank you notes is one of my favorite things for sure!

  7. aw.
    that is so sweet. :]
    you guys make the most lovely couple! :]

  8. Morgan

    you get the ‘hangry’ too! Isn’t it the worst. I’m a total beast if I’m hungry. :)

  9. Jasmine

    isn’t it the greatest to find a man who will not only put up with you, but love you like crazy too??? they’re a rare, very patient, very good breed. :)

  10. Heidi

    I love your bangs! Can I send you a happy list!

  11. Elaine

    Just found your blog via cupcakes and cashmere… Love it!! And double points for being LDS ;)

  12. awwww, I love you guys.

  13. Adele

    a hungry person is an angry person! that’s what my boyfriend always says (:

  14. Phoebe

    in a world that is so jaded and cynical, this reminds me that true love is worth finding and nothing is like spending your life with your best friend.

  15. so sweet.

  16. Anita

    Such sweet thoughts! I know one of my favorite things is when my husband comes home and I don’t even have to ask for a kiss!

  17. Meghan

    YAY! You and Husband are adorable – I feel the same way about my future husband and I love when he plays with my hair. It’s a nightly ritual. Thanks for giving me something to smile about today!

  18. I totally choked up reading this…husband’s are great.

  19. your post chocked me up this morning…my husband leaves crazy early for work..he sets his alarm early so he can wake-up and cuddle me while I sleep. I love it.

  20. I love when my guy plays with my hair, it relaxes me instantly! :)

  21. I am totally awful when I am hungry too! Our husbands are good men :)

  22. naomi, your blog makes me happy! and I am also a total grump when I’m hungry. My husband and I joke that I become a “crankasourus” (sp is totally wrong I’m sure, but you know what I mean!)

  23. I always have to apologize when I’m hungry.

  24. twins..

    I’m the worst.. When I’m hungry! Thank heavens for patient men! :)

  25. They are pretty amazing, aren’t they?

  26. Jackie

    So sweet..and really, who isn’t a tad bit grumpy when hungry? He probably thinks its cute! :)

  27. Emma

    you are so sweet. husband sounds lovely, you lucky lady! x

  28. GAH. Naomi. Everyone should come onto taza-and-husband after watching the evening news. it truly shows there is a lot of great things in life and in the world to live for. i love your blog more than anything.

  29. kate.

    aww so cute. you two are THE cutest couple. ever.

  30. oooh–i’m glad to stumble upon your blog. i think i have something in common with each of you: i hate mayonnaise and i use shampoo.

  31. J&&K

    My husband hates the snooze and just for 5 minutes of cuddling, he will put up with it! There’s something about those guys with the priesthood that make them… basically the best things to walk the EARTH!

  32. that’s so sweet!!! I love waking up in the morning with the sight of my beau too. (–,)

    More power and may you stay together FOREVER.

    ♥lost of love♥

  33. oooh hair playing. my fave….LUCKY!

  34. I have a random question for you….I am getting a polaroid today…($5…I love deals) and I was curious if you find a place that you prefer to get film from? And any that you dont like getting it from? Thanks. And you are one fabulous woman.

  35. what makes me happy? Discovering your blog!

  36. Wren

    Boys that put up with hungry girls are the best!


  37. This is so sweet!

    I just found your blog today, it’s wonderful!

  38. thanks, thanks, thanks… I loved the video with the older couple playing a duet together!!! You always seem to have the best material on here.

  39. pardon? where are the vintage dresses on your etsy shop ?????


    -mrs tharpey