here’s to happiness {by shaylah}

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speaking of photo booths…

last week, shaylah wrote her happy list the morning she was proposed to by her boy in a photo booth!!
i mean, talk about a brilliant proposal!! go read about it here.

here is shaylah’s list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:
  1. photobooths
  2. reading children’s books with my dashing dexter
  3. being at the peak of a ferris wheel
  4. hearing my beautiful friends testimonies
  5. spending time in prayers
  6. hearing and saying “i love you”
  7. red velvet cupcakes
  8. fresh cut runculus
  9. hearing the train pass by my apartment
  10. finding a delicious recipe to share

thank you shaylah!
and congrats on the engagement!!
  1. Wow, what a great way to be proposed to! I love it.

  2. that rocks! great fun list too

  3. Janssen

    How sweet!

  4. what an amazing proposal!! I love this list:)

  5. Meghan

    What an amazing engagement! And, I also L.O.V.E. red velvet cupcakes. Great list

  6. What a cute proposal story! I love #2 and #8 on the list :).