here’s to happiness {by sam}

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i am seriously considering compiling all these little lists into a book or something. maybe i will over the summer…what a beautiful coffee table book they would make!

today was a hard day for me. and for no particular reason. it was just one of those ugly days where your hair just won’t lay nice and getting your work done looks harder than climbing the tallest mountain….you know that feeling? …yeah.

anyway, i’m grateful these lists keep coming…for obvious reasons. just read sam’s below…

here is sam’s list of 10 things which make her terribly happy:
  1. paper chain count downs
  2. acoustic anything
  3. ducklings + puppies (OK, let’s be honest-ANY baby animal)
  4. slurpees
  5. new beginnings + second chances
  6. black + white photobooth strips
  7. white daisies
  8. art therapy counseling
  9. being the new girl
  10. freshly clean bedsheets

thank you sam!
{photo via naturally nina via xelegant09}
  1. Geesh. I can definitely identify with that kind of day you are having, Naomi. I hope tomorrow is better! I love Sam’s list and her blog. Thanks for introducing me to all these new blogs. Most of them, I’d never seen!

  2. Hope your day improves, doll. I’m sure hubby will help when he gets home :-)

  3. Bri

    i totally understand that feeling…me yesterday…look on the bright side, tomorrow will look that much brighter after the shadow of today!

  4. Sheri

    You can easily make a blurb book. A ton of my friends have turned there blogs into books. The new improved journal.

  5. these lists are so refreshing. a book is a GREAT idea! it was hard to knock my list down to only 10 things but i’ll try.. should i just post it here for you?


    1. snail mail
    2. fresh flowers
    3. complimets from strangers
    4. girl talk
    5. answered prayers
    6. tea parties
    7. old movies
    8. surprises
    9. cute undies
    10. room service
    and 1 more just because…
    11. my sweet dogs

  6. wow to…”being the new girl”

  7. Erica

    A book is a fantastic idea!

  8. All of these lists would make a really great coffee table book. a little pick-me-up!

    Funny that she mentioned ‘paper chain countdowns.’ We have one in my creative writing class right now counting down the days until graduation, and it definitely makes me very happy, too :)

  9. sam

    thanks for including my little list, miss rockstar!

  10. this is such a lovely little list….you should make a book, I look forward to reading them throughout the day!

  11. Oh girl. Publish that book. you will sell a million. no joke. do it, now. i dare you!!! :)

  12. Anne

    i love paper chains too! In fact I have one on my wall right now (please ignore the fact that it’s from a marathon I ran two years ago…)

  13. compiling these series into a book is a wonderful idea! It would bring a smile to anyone’s face.

  14. 10 things that make her terribly happy:
    the color yellow
    a field of sunflowers
    tea parties with friends
    bubble tea
    vintage clothing
    puppies and kitties
    the idea of unicorns
    sunshine + toy cameras
    poetry written on a type writer

  15. I feel you on the hard day..these lists help. hope tomorrow isn’t so hard for you =-)

  16. making these lists into a book is a great idea! you should totally do it!!

  17. PS Above I shared my list but I forgot to list my name. It’s Brandi. Thanks and happy day! xo.