here’s to happiness {by monica}

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loved this happy list by monica

tippy toes, snowflakes & sparklers? it’s like we’re sisters or something. click here and have a look at her blog and beautiful photogenic little family. they’re adorable.

monica’s list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:
  1. writing my name with a sparkler
  2. snowflakes so big you can catch them on your tongue
  3. love notes from my daughter {she is barely 6 & completely charming}
  4. rope swings
  5. hearing a song that brings back a dreamy memory
  6. campfire under a star filled sky
  7. tippy toes
  8. running further than i thought i could
  9. when a instant message pops up that says “i love you”
  10. finding the perfect gift
thank you monica!
{photo via black eiffel}
  1. She has a lovely blog. her photos are great. thanks Naomi for sharing this! her blog made me happy! :)


  2. b.

    cant get enough of these! xoxo! i sent my hapy list over to you in a comment the other day but since then i changed my blog link… this is my new one. thanks, brandi

  3. finding the perfect gift… yes! this also thrills me but i never thought about adding it my list of things that make me happy :)

  4. very sweet! naomi your blog is looking so cute

  5. Rachael

    #8 makes me terribly happy, too: )

  6. Stella

    Naomi, I would love to pass this Kreativ Blog Award on to you for all the wonderful, creative and inspirational postings in your blog. Please check out my blog so that you can pass on the recognition to other bloggers as well.

  7. Bird*


  8. Marisa

    Sparklers are the greatest!

  9. Cris

    I like so much your creative blog and funny pictures
    Cristina from Italy

  10. Rachel

    Thanks for the link :)

  11. what a wonderful list…love this one!

  12. Laura

    1 – I love the smell of sparklers. mmm