here’s to happiness {by mallory}

are you ready for a brilliant happy list? because here it is. i really can’t get over how much i love everything about this list, by mallory

here is mallory’s list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:
  1. when the screen goes completely white during a movie & the whole theater is bathed in a beautiful glow
  2. cutting my finger nails {strange but true}
  3. any sandwich that involves toasting/grilling & cheese
  4. the way a piece of paper feels after it’s been covered with writing from a ballpoint pen
  5. the faces of little kids listening to you while you read them a book
  6. the feeling you get as you climb the first huge slope of a roller coaster
  7. half-melted ice cream
  8. the first time you’re alone after a first kiss with someone & can privately & ecstatically freak out
  9. getting a genuine & meaningful compliment
  10. reading while taking a bubble bath

gosh, mallory… thank you!!

p.s. something else that makes naomi happy?
finding appropriate photos for these happy posts… 
seriously, i’ve decided photos make me happier than anything.

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