here’s to happiness {by liv}

it is obvious liv loves lav. and i think the way she writes about it is just too cute. . check out her happiness list below {and her blog…} and you will see what i mean…

liv’s list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:
  1. ice coffee
  2. swimming in the ocean
  3. rooftop parties in the summer until the sun comes up
  4. ripe mango
  5. counting the last sleeps before i will see my Lav again
  6. getting a handmade postcard from my granny
  7. brushing teeth “together” at the same time with my Lav, although we live in different countries
  8. dancing through my studio when i am alone
  9. taking photographs
  10. cuddles from my dog
thank you liv!
{photo via paper tissue}

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