here’s to happiness {by lesley}

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absolutely loved this list, by lesley. i think it was her number 9 that really got to me….among all the others.

and here is lesley’s list of 10 things which make her terribly happy:
  1. a friend that calls again just to make sure you’re really OK
  2. my daughter’s laugh
  3. the bell that rings as our ice cream man pushes his cart down the street
  4. hot dogs
  5. the smell of fires burning on cold, winter days
  6. getting a letter in the mail
  7. the first sight of the ocean when you finally arrive at the beach
  8. a handpicked bouquet
  9. the smell of my man’s hair
  10. polka dots…on anything
thank you lesley!

{photo by leo patrone}

  1. yay lesley! fantastic list, and i agree with the polka dots 100 percent.

  2. this one is adorable!!!

  3. hi! i have never said hi before, but now i am. hi again! i love the life in your blog! so fun, so much energy! i can relate to #9, but mine would be my man’s armpits! haha…

    i went to study in london for a bit and i took his deodorant with me and kept smelling it when i got lonesome. strange, but i do love it!

  4. MM

    Oh I love hand picked bouquets. Especially wildflowers in a mason jar.