here’s to happiness {by kate}

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meet kate

reasons why i think she’s lovely: (1) her photography is magical (2) we almost share the same wedding day of 2007 and (3) i love the way she writes about loving her husband, landon. anyway, i highly recommend heading over and checking out her darling blog.

and here is kate’s lovely list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:
  1. landons hair
  2. bright early mornings
  3. natural light
  4. my dad’s university of denver sweater
  5. messy trees
  6. being taller then most everyone in the room
  7. little ones fresh faces
  8. spinning “my fair lady” on my record machine
  9. love notes
  10. being a spectator
thanks, kate!
  1. Hit 40

    I love being the tallest person in the room!!! I have little old ladies follow me in the grocery store to get items off the top shelves.

    When shopping at a big box store… I can see above all the heads to which lane is the shortest!

    But… how about a damn public restroom mirror that I do not have to bend down to see myself?? WTF!

  2. what a lovely list!

    naomi, i am really enjoying this series of blog posts. it’s so great to read of little joys in everyone’s lives. i’m so glad you’re sharing these with us! :)

  3. i know kate, she’s just as lovely in real life. when we first started photography she helped us so much and was so sweet and giving about it. we love her.

  4. i love love notes too! (don’t we all?). natural light is something i miss a lot during winter.
    i love her picture- so pretty!

  5. My Fair Lady is great.

    “Natural Light”
    Spoken from a photographer’s point of view. Have your ever noticed that photographers and artists have a such a great point of view.

    Even though I guess I am an artist but maybe my point of view isn’t all that interesting.

  6. LOVE her photography! Thanks for pointing me her way.

  7. Bekah:

    I am fortunate to not only claim Kate to be my best friend but she is also my little sister!

    Kate is such a loving, gifted, caring, happy, creative person.

  8. what a wonderful list

  9. naomi-

    your the sweetest. i love this.

    thank you, thank you.

  10. You are making dreams come true doing these features… love you.

  11. YAY I love Kate! She is my favorite person ever…