here’s to happiness {by jessica}

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this list by jessica made me smile. how i love cheesy love stories and blues on a harmonica. don’t you?

and here is jessica’s little list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:

  1. smelling like my soap + shampoo after a shower
  2. dancing in my room
  3. cheesy love stories
  4. scrabble with my parents
  5. the right look from the boy you like
  6. an after-workout burn
  7. hugs
  8. light coming through the slates of my blinds
  9. paperback books
  10. the blues on harmonica
thanks jessica!!
{image via le love}
  1. You should definitely make a book out of these lists, they make me so happy! and I agree with so many, how could have I missed them when I was thinking up my own list?

  2. this is a wonderful list…love the light coming through the blinds!!!

  3. oooo dancing in my room, hugs and paperbacks make me happy too…

    How do these lists come to you?

  4. i adore hugs too^_^ Especially if they came from my beau or from my lovely siblings.

  5. number 6,7 + 9 please. this list is lovely.

    1. his wild laugh
    2. filling my cocoa mug full of marshmallows
    3. little sisters
    4. selling back a text book
    5. book clubs
    6. flying over the atlantic
    7. catch phrase-family night
    8. going to bed on time, waking up with the sun
    9. new found testimonies
    10. making lists

  6. Lindley

    i really identify with this list! one of my favorites!