here’s to happiness {by jenny}

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i should tell you now that i have become obsessed with all the happy lists i have been receiving. i read them to myself, then i have to read them out loud to husband and could spend hours discussing them and posting them here if i had the time. husband has to pull me away from reading more by rationing my time on the computer when i am checking for more happy emails. {so if i haven’t responded to yours, you should know it’s husbands fault entirely for this reason. kidding, i love you josh.}

but i love your lists. i love that i often agree with everything on your list and that makes me smile. or other times, i see that there are little stories and secrets behind a list, like a person or loved one. those make me especially happy, because they are mysterious lists and those are my favorite kind.
today, i wanted to share jenny’s happy list with you.  i loved her list’s simplicity. i also adored this holga of her at the beach. and i discovered she has quite a beautiful blog, as well.

here is jenny’s little list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:
  1. making lists
  2. summer nights
  3. road trips
  4. listening to bennett read
  5. getting the film from my holga developed
  6. a new magazine in the mail
  7. christmas lights
  8. down comforters
  9. frank sinatra
  10. folding warm laundry
thank you jenny!
and seriously, keep the lists coming!
they have certainly made me happy!
  1. Oh this is a really good one, how could I forget writing lists on my list! :)

  2. Folding warm laundry, new magazines, down comforters, and making lists. Check check check check!
    I can’t help it – I have to comment on every list because I love every one!

  3. I too have LOVED reading all the lists, every single one of them has been bliss. I really loved this one too…folding warm laundry and listening to Frank Sinatra is amazing (combine the two and you’re in business!). Sometimes I will stick a load back into the dryer to get warm before I attempt to fold them:) Thanks!

  4. Diana

    so you are really taking them still?? i would love to email you mine!

  5. what a special little thing youve done here bringing people together, i love it :) i think you and josh both are a blessing in many people’s lives!

  6. what a wonderful list she has!!

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  9. Aww. I love you Jenny! It’s good to see one of my friends’ featured lists :)

    She and her boyfriend are PRECIOUS.

  10. this really is a happy list. love it!

  11. 1. british accents
    2. letters from grandma ending in xoxo
    3. warm cookies
    4. daises
    5. sunday naps
    6. black & white photographs
    7. spooning with hubby
    8. vacuum marks in the carpet
    9. cool fall evenings
    10. sushi

  12. These are some great lists! Everytime I read them it reminds me of things that I love. :-)

    Almost makes me want to go back and revise the one I made.

  13. I can’t get enough of these lists… Please, please, please post as many as you can!

  14. I love her photo. Gorgeous!

  15. after much thinking…here’s my list:

    1. fresh squeezed lemonade
    2. max’s giggle
    3. a freshly, deep-cleaned house
    4. getting the mail, even if it’s only bills
    5. the smell of my husband
    6. laughing so hard i cry
    7. kisses
    8. manifestations of womanhood(pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, mothering)
    9. eating outside
    10. paris

  16. 1. sneezing.
    2. thawing out in a hot car after freezing for three hours at church.
    3. neon-yellow blossoms blooming on palo verde trees.
    4. monsoon season.
    5. slightly crooked bottom teeth.
    6. keeping good company.
    7. remembering how his eyes smile with his mouth.
    8. wood-fired food.
    9. freckled shoulders.
    10. the smell of oil paints.

  17. Naomi- I really really hope you compile all of these happy lists and publish them!!! What more can you seek when you open a book than the words that sing of joy and happiness?!

  18. I totally agree with the comment should compile all of these lists and publish i booK! i would so buy it! all these happy lists, make me happy and remind me that it’s the little things in life that count and all those things that make me happy. thank you so much starting this list…it really is an amazing idea! :]] i still have to make my own though..once i do, i will email it to you. :]

  19. MM

    I love making lists too! How appropriate to add that to your list!

  20. I have to say that your continuos “terribly happy” posts have brought joy to my otherwise negative nelly blog! I have a post regarding what brings me joy after returning from a business trip scheduled for tomorrow. thanks!