here’s to happiness {by iida}

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meet iida. she is 16 years old, writes beautiful poetry and lives in helsinki. her happy list is lovely. have a look below…

iida’s little list of 10 things which make her terribly happy:
  1. the crackly sound of old vinyls
  2. railway stations & airports, the excitement of traveling
  3. chasing bubbles
  4. sunrise at the seashore
  5. white nights in the summer
  6. walking home in the late hours of the night
  7. cobbled streets
  8. little kids asking silly questions with the utmost seriousness
  9. browsing through books in the silence of a library
  10. holding hands
thank you, iida!!

  1. Stacey

    Hi Naomi! I haven’t posted on your blog before, but I read it daily and love it! My list can be found at

    Thanks for this wonderful idea!

  2. Sweet.
    8 makes me smile.

  3. JULIE

    Thanks for leaving the links to all these blogs! It’s nice to find new places to read.

  4. I love this list…It is making me so happy!

  5. Oh, its so lovely to see all of the “little” things that people appreciate. It makes me smile.

  6. Another beautiful list!

  7. autumn

    I love this. It makes me think about the beautiful little pieces we all have in common. Here is my list.
    1. Seeing my baby move for the first time on an ultra sound. It looks like a roly poly bug.
    2. Husband arranging wedding pictures on the fridge.
    3. Warm bread with whipped butter.
    4. Finally feeling a passage of scripture is known so well it is inscribed in my palm.
    5. My Moms green crinkley eyes just before she drops a tear from being hopeful and happy.
    6. Pats on the back when I hug my Dad.
    7. When Indy (my 3 year old niece) makes ‘strange eyes’ at me.
    8. Little girls in boys light up shoes stamping in puddles.
    9. Walking around the farmers market and picking out the perfect 1$ dalia.
    10. Looking at wedding pictures and remember how beautiful and perfect it all really is.

  8. ok, here’s mine…

    1. the smell that snow is coming

    2. the smile my sleeping hubby subconsciously gives when I kiss him goodbye in the mornings

    3. having all the laundry done, and my clothing possibilities at their peak

    4. the sparkle in kids’ eyes when they are being creative

    5. my cat randomly jumping on my lap to take a nap

    6. my gas gauge pointing to “F”

    7. cool nights after a hot summer day

    8. macaroni and cheese with hot dogs

    9. watching people fall in true love

    10. laughter, my own or listening to others

  9. I have always loved airports too. And I love Finland since my mom is a Finnish girl.

    Hyvää Suomi!

  10. Oo! This may be my favorite list yet!
    But…I love all these lists! It’s so hard to pick a favorite!