here’s to happiness {by fanny}

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i have a feeling you’re going to loooove this happy list. i adore it. it’s by fanny. she’s got a lovely blog too. go check it out.

fanny’s little list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:
  1. kissing you, again & again
  2. tiramisu ice cream
  3. making my dreams come true
  4. making your dreams come true
  5. rainbows, preferably on side of unicorns
  6. taking polaroid pictures of the clouds
  7. collecting random pretty things
  8. being in love
  9. learning something new
  10. eating a good pan bagna
thanks fanny!
{photo by smosch}
  1. Fanny is possibly the cutest name I have ever heard. And a cute person to go with it!

  2. Sara

    how lovely is she!

  3. so cute- i am risking writing a sentence which makes no sense but… i love collecting random pretty things! hehehe
    go fanny!

  4. awwwwww….

    Also, whats a pan bagna?

  5. paula

    I just love number 4:)

  6. fanny

    thanks you so so much. you made me terribly happy as well!

    and the picture you chose is just perfect.

    xx fanny

  7. i love these lists! and tiramisu..yum!1

  8. This is a lovely list! I love her #1. :)

  9. this is possibly my favorite list. she and i should be friends.

  10. adorable list:)