here’s to happiness {by abbie}

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when abbie emailed me her little list yesterday, i knew i had to post it. wouldn’t you agree? i think it’s inspiring! thanks for playing abbie! {check out her lovely blog, here.}

here is abbie’s little list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:
  1. twirling across cross walks wishing i was still a ballerina
  2. pretending to have a british accent
  3. coloring outside the lines
  4. jumping into the lake, turning around in mid air, and making a fantastic face at the camera
  5. foggy days in baltimore because it makes me feel like i should be having a pint with edgar allen poe
  6. writing my secrets in foggy windows and watching them disappear
  7. reading my journals from years ago, i wrote some funny things back in the day
  8. when children i babysit or have taught sunday school to come up to me and hug {my legs} when they see me at church
  9. singing duke ellington at the top of my lungs, trumpet noises and all
  10. drinking tea and pretending i am hanging out with jane austen
thank you abbie!
{image via rachel papo}
  1. Loving this girl!! Anyone who can make me grin while feeling super homesick and poopy has to have the greatest list ever! xo

  2. adorable!

  3. I definitely pretend to have a British accent at least once a day. And I would love to hang out with Jane Austen!

  4. Shelby

    Such a fun list. I must come up with my own. And a perfect image to go with!

  5. I love this list. And the photo you attached. I followed the photo link and it’s NYCB tutus!! Of course…

  6. Sum

    I love this list! Love the picture too!

  7. You are such a doll!

    Thanks so much.