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josh and i have been working together
on lots of little projects for our new place.
i am so anxious to get everything done… and slowly, we are.

this is an old fashioned claw foot tub we bought out in maryland.
we spent the weekend scraping off layers of paint and rust
getting her all ready. we are turning her into a coffee table of sorts.
we will post the finished photos later…

but i must tell you, i don’t give my husband enough credit
for his genius creativity when it comes to decorating and furnishing a home.
i’m so glad he his taste is better than mine.

  1. what a FABULOUS idea! any idea what color you’re going to paint it? can’t wait to see the final product! xo

  2. Cheryl

    How are you turning the bath tub into a coffee table? Can’t wait to see the final pics. You guys are obviously a very creative pair! My husband would never go for that!

  3. L

    Can’t wait to see what you do with it! My guess is that you’ll end up painting it and putting some glass over the top? But you are probably far more creative than I!

  4. becca

    Serious? That’s really clever. Who thinks up stuff like this? Oh yeah, Rock stars do…

  5. jones

    can’t wait to see the *final* project!!

  6. Jill

    oh that ring on the bathtub scares me. your husband is brave!

    i’m so curious to see how a bathtub becomes a coffee table…

  7. This is the part where the friend jumps in and says “NAOMI! YOU HAVE BETTER TASTE THAN ANYONE I FREAKING KNOW!!!!” So if you claim the husband has better taste then you… I want your husband to style my wardrobe, decorate my home AND guest post daily on my blog. OK?

  8. oh my. i can’t wait to see the results! :)

  9. Carolyn

    j’adore claw foot tubs!

  10. That is awesome! I can’t wait to see the final project! Creative husbands are the best!

  11. you are one lucky girl…not all men are so handy and most are not actually good at the creative decor & style factor.

    Some men…I'm not saying who…but…some men will actually get frustrated and become evil monsters while attempting to do simple projects like…hanging curtains or painting a room a single solid color. Some women…I'm saying ME…will just take over and do it herself b/c it's easier than hearing the complaining.

    Be blessed N! You are blessed!!!!

  12. I never thought about turning a claw foot tub into a coffee table! Genius I tell ya.

  13. Jayne

    what an inspired idea! i can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  14. Erin

    What a fun idea! I love how creative you are…can’t wait to see the final product. FYI, I just saw a post on craigslist free items for a claw foot tub. Have you checked out Unique Thrift store yet? You’ll be in heaven! Good luck :)

  15. Farah

    that’s a great idea! i would love to see how the end result will look.

  16. Diana

    i can’t wait to see the results!!

  17. love it! :) and your blog… i am a new reader and have recommended yours to several other readers!

  18. how sweet!

  19. i heart diy projects! my fiance and i are working on some as well… my problem is that i am too impatient. i would like to see everything done right away!

    it’s so fun to see the home we’ll share together take shape!

    can’t wait to see your finished project!

  20. laura

    That is such a creative idea! I will be anxiously awaiting the photos of the finished project. Fabulous!!

  21. Emie

    Oh how exciting! :)
    I can’t wait to see how this turns out!
    Brilliant idea btw!

  22. Rachael

    Using the antique tub as a coffee table is just about the cutest idea ever! Way to be creative!

  23. The first thing I thought of when I saw your bathtub was, Audrey Hepburn’s couch in Breakfast At Tiffany’s! I LOVE IT!!

  24. Shalee

    My Heart just jumped! I am so excited to see this finished project:):) You two= amazingness!

  25. Lainey

    What a creative way to use an old tub! That’s going to be so gorgeous when it’s all finished. I can feel it. I can’t wait to see pics!

  26. Emmy

    Can’t wait to see the finished result!

  27. Brooke

    Project with hubbys are so fun! I know that my hubby is far more patient than I so it works out awesome. I love your idea for the tub!!

  28. Fun! Can’t wait to see it.

  29. Fun! Can’t wait to see it.

  30. aww, thats sweet. he sounds like he is really creative too.

    i wanna see pics when its done. great idea!!

  31. What a handy man to have around! :)

    My kindergarten teacher had a reading bathtub. During free time, my best friend and I would get into the clawfoot tub (which was filled with big pillows) and read books. So much fun!

  32. Johanna


  33. I grew up bathing in one of those. (a house built 1920)They are the best to bathe in. :-D

  34. Bless your hearts. Seriously. DIY is tough work sometimes. Trust me, after nearly four years of remodeling our place, I’m done. Enought projects for now.

    That tub is fantastic though. Someday, I’m going to swipe one that is sitting in our neighbors front yard with flower pots in it. Shame on them! ;)

  35. jess

    what a great idea!

    please please post up some photos of your new home soon, I’m sure all of us can’t wait to see it.

  36. Shiloh

    Rad! I can’t wait to see the finished project. i love DIY.

  37. i can’t wait to see the finished results. p.s how the heck did you get that tub to your place with your car???

  38. kSbl

    I cannot WAIT to see more of your lovely little home you are building over there in D.C.!!!

  39. I agree, looking forward to some pics of the new place! I heart claw-foot baths, what a cool way to change it up.

  40. My great aunt who is like 90 has a clawfoot tub that she never uses and whenever I visit her I like to just sit in it. I want that to go on her will to me! (I know, I’m horrible.)

  41. Amaya

    Hwhat? I must see this finished! I am trying to pick up the pieces of my mind right now – they have been blown!

  42. it is going to be lovely! I have always wanted a claw-foot couch ever since I first saw breakfast at tiffany’s!