arizona weekend {& wedding} polaroids

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i finally scanned the polaroids from last weekend.
congratulations again to our friends patrick & kastle!
we loved being with you on your big day 
and are kind of glad our digital camera broke 
so we could have an excuse to give our full attention to the polaroid.
yay! marriage!
also, the mesa arizona temple is beyond beautiful inside.
and i can’t think of anything more powerful and sweet
than witnessing two people being sealed for time and all eternity. 
{i’m getting emotional just typing this. such a baby. i need lunch.}
oh, and patrick & kastle, start a blog already.
  1. Maddie

    your polaroids are always so fabulous! i wish i had a polaroid camera . . . for now i have a nifty little action in photoshop that makes pretend ones for me :) love your blog!

  2. polaroids are the best! How fun!!!

  3. LOVE these pictures. i’m glad that your digital camera broke as well!

  4. i love the mesa temple,too! my grandparents work there 2 days every week and talk about it all the time. great polas!

  5. Mesa Temple is one of my favorites! But I am a bit biased since all of my best friends have been married there! I am happy that you had the experience of being there!

  6. mesa is wonderful… my sister lived out there with her hubby for a year during his seminary internship. i wish they still lived there so i could go visit them!!

  7. erin

    very sweet. love those palm trees!

  8. Sweet polaroids Naomi! You look so fine in those sunglasses too. And that cake looks huge!!

  9. Jenna

    Lovely little flower girl fairies.

  10. abby

    this post has made me happy. we were married in the mesa temple almost 5 years ago and i am homesick for it. thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. makes me wish my whole wedding was shot in polaroids.

  11. Sum

    what a beautiful wedding!

  12. oh man i am so sad i missed kastle’s reception! kastle is my ex bf’s cousin {ask her about her cousin cody next time ha} (may or may not have been awkward if i had showed up) but she is a wonderful, beautiful girl!!

  13. Beautiful poalaroids, wish I could take photos like that.
    Looks a great wedding xx

  14. lauren

    lovely, absolutely lovely.

  15. these are lovely:)

  16. these are lovely:)

  17. Brooke

    I love love the Polaroids! Weddings are so fun… they make me feel all googly inside!

  18. wow! what a small world. i know patrick and kastle well…. we’ve done sushi double dates (YUM!) and fun tubing days down the river. they had an absolutely beautiful wedding!! thanks for sharing the photos!

  19. I think your friend looks like Heidi Klumm! :)

  20. Ah.. I’m so jealous. I absolutely adore AZ and the Mesa temple is beyond beautiful. Love the polaroids and they look like a very happy couple. Yay for temple marriages!!

  21. Diana

    pola love! you know that next week is official ‘roid week, right?
    (and no, i am not talking about steroids, lol)

  22. Random, my husband was the photographer at Patrick and Kastle’s reception. How funny that you were there.

  23. Right after I left you that comment I went and mentioned to Aaron that I saw pics from Saturday’s wedding and he totally remembered you and your camera and your husband. Small world!

  24. you have NO IDEA how much I’ve been wanting a polaroid lately…. awesome pics+ you guys look so pretty! (yes, husband looked pretty too!) =)

    I posted my fav 10 things on my blog, check it out!

  25. sheila

    those are great poloroids. You have a good eye with the camera.

  26. mesa temple=one of my favorites.

    who am i kidding, i say that about every temple. :)

  27. The Baby picture gets me every time-too cute! Also, I see you really liked that tutu photo!

  28. congrats to your friends, it looks like it was a blast.

  29. you all look beautiful, happy, and smitten!

    {i get emotional when i’m hungry too…and, well, every time the capacity of true love hits me.}

    glad you guys had so much fun!

  30. I just wanted to let you know that I mentioned you in my latest post. I hope that you had a wonderful weekend!

  31. Prue x

    oh my! will you bring your camera and come and photograph my wedding entirely with polaroids? pretty please.

  32. Sarah

    Your red lips are magnificent!

  33. totally agree with you on the inside of the Mesa temple. I adore that one (my parents were married there too) it’s a little bit more humble looking than some of the other temples, and i think that’s what i love about it