this just in!

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our friends marci & dan are subletting
their 2 bedroom/ 2 bath apartment in new york city
this summer…

may 1st – june 17th
august 7th – august 31st
(for entire span or week to week)

seriously, you should take advantage and plan a trip to nyc
and be a rockstar for the summer or something…

for more photos & info, click here.
or email marci.sublet{at}

p.s. if only i could decorate our new place as cute as marci’s.
isn’t it lovely? yup, she’s real good.

  1. that green looks awesome on the walls, would have never thought to go that bold. nice!

  2. Thank you! Hope we get some bites…

  3. Melinda

    I really like her decorating style! Nice choice on paint colors.

  4. It looks so awesome! Wish it was available June 28-July 4 :-(

  5. we’re super interested. i e-mailed her. i move to ny in june and need a place. lol. and roomies

  6. adorable!