1. Anna

    Whoa. I am JEALOUS! Have fun in Utah! Miss you both!

  2. Diana

    Ah these are all over So-Cal, so I’m not used to seeing being go gaga over this place. However, when I did leave home for school, I missed it, too!!

  3. Carolyn

    Cutest photos of you two! I love Josh’s glasses!!

  4. Naomi, I have something funny to tell you!
    I talked too much about you and Josh with boyfriend that today he came to me and said:

    – honey, I had an odd dream last night…
    + really? what was it about?
    – we had gone to Josh & Naomi's house!!! … Josh and I were doing some crazy stuff and you girls were laughing at us!

    believe me! he really did!!! :)) it was so funny!!!

    { x o }

  5. photos looks delicious ;)~

  6. Shug

    you are lucky, i hit that place up everytime I am down there. Did you try out the Orange Peel? Boba?

  7. katie

    yuuuum my favorite! i ate two in one sitting once :)

  8. Jasmine

    i’m spoiled. we have in-n-outs all over the place in california! there’s one about 10 minutes away from our apartment. closer soon if we move!!!

  9. in-n-out is my *favorite* because they do protein style for we gluten-freers!

  10. I heart in-n-out! And is that dress from anthropologie?? Because it looks exactly like the dress I’ve been wanting to get from there.

  11. too bad we don’t eat meat anymore. isaac thinks they look delicious:D

  12. haha…LOVE these pictures! Your husband has true gangster sunglasses! ;)

  13. krysti

    how wonderful those look! you never see a fast food burger look like that! it’s like a unicorn…. once in a lifetime experience!

  14. bekaboo

    Oh my gosh! You’ve made me want a cheeseburger animal style! I will find one sometime today.

  15. Jill

    Ugh…I can’t stand being so far from In N Out!

  16. Sum

    Haha In-N-Out is so so good! I adore the hats!

  17. Erin

    living in Juneau, i sure miss my in-n-out from CA! have fun…

  18. le cub and i “heart” in-n-out as well. what’s NOT to love about fresh meat?!

  19. where did you get your dress?
    I didn’t know that they an in-n-out! Orem is getting one.

  20. MJSSJM

    Its offical. I’m the only person in America that has never had an in-n-out burger. Boo. :)

  21. Oh how I miss Cali and these yummy burgers, I never thought I would miss it so much but now I live in Portland and I totally do. It was such a staple growing up.

  22. Gosh I’m so jealous! I wish we had in-n-out burgers in England..

  23. Husband’s glasses= mine ASAP! They’re pretty sweet! No In n out in SoFla, unfortunately, but plenty of McD’s!

  24. Cheryl

    Is yours a double and husband’s only a single? Haha! Love it.

  25. So, you’re probably going to think i’m such a stalker, but after reading your twitter post about being in St G. I roamed around there all day, mostly going to little bookstores and consignment shops and such, trying to come up with witty and clever things to say in case i accidentally ran into you. Of course I didn’t even think to lurk around In and Out. What was I thinking? Ok sorry… i’m done with my creepyness now. Enjoy your trip! :)

  26. Alisha

    I love In-and-out! We have one down the street from where we live. I would eat there everyday…

  27. Martha

    Double-Double! Love it…yep I went there four times over Spring Break :)

  28. Des

    I knew I loved you.

  29. Kaylen

    sooooooooooooo jealous!

  30. did you get your burger animal style? it’s the best. oh i miss in’n’out

  31. your not wearing lipstick. i’m so not used to that.

  32. emily

    did you hear they’re getting an in-n-out in draper too?

  33. in n out is the best!

  34. sadly i have in-n-out way too much! i even had it twice in one day once. but it is heaven!

  35. jb

    Naomi, i just wanted to say that I posted your little movie on my blog today. You are an incredible women and I so love that little film that I needed to share it with my blog peeps.

    What your doing and what you’ve done is an inspiration to me and to anyone that comes to your blog. Thank-you Naomi for being an incredible human being and thank-you for that film. Your friend is an incredible dancer and beautiful on top of all that. I do hope that you stop by and take a look when you have time.

    Again thanks for that beautiful film and thanks for using Devotchka. I’ve been listening to that song for such a long time but to see it put to dance moved me so.

    Take Good Care

  36. in and out burger is so good and so easy to choose from the menu