1. She looks beautiful! My friend bought one of your creations for her wedding! When the photos are in I will get her to send you one. It was the hit of her wedding attire!

  2. your headbands are to die for!!! very talented.

  3. lynette

    oohh i like the green too ~ might have to get another one.

  4. Nicole

    I LOVE your headbands! They are so cute :)

  5. She looks lovely….will have to check out the shop!

  6. Meghan

    Love it….so pretty!
    checking it out now!

  7. oh yay! i’m heading over!

  8. She looks great. The head band rocks!

  9. What a smile and glow! Her curls are envy provoking in that cute headband.

  10. omgoodness! this would be perfect for my unruly curls! ; ) PS: she’s beautiful!

  11. I love the way you rock your headbands. But how do you style your hair to get it to look so cool? Is there some trick you do? I have long hair, too.