the sunset in arizona.

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the sunset in arizona was stunning last night.
so far, we are having so much fun on this little road trip.
{so far so good.}

we’re in santa fe, new mexico right now
and we love it here.
we just finished dinner at coyote cafe
and i think it was one of the best meals i’ve had.

we’re on the road to dallas texas in the morning.
more photos and stories to come.
thanks for all the tips and recommendations so far!
we’ve been taking notes from our comment section.

good night!

  1. flutter

    you’ve stumbled onto one of the three reasons I like living here.

  2. Meg Fee

    i love you and miss you. safe travels!

  3. LADY.
    the sunsets in my home state are AMAZING. seriously, THAT amazing every evening.
    i love you AZ.
    and NM, the state in which i was born.
    happy road tripping!

  4. Melinda

    Just out of curiosity, what camera are you using to shoot your pictures? Your road trip looks like a lot of fun!

  5. liso.

    ***okay, triple star this one, cause you’ve GOT to stop! so we used to make part of your trip every year – and my fave part:

    go to the CADILLACS! one of the best photo ops EVER! It’s just outside of amarillo, texas, and if i remember right, i think you guys will probably drive through. pick up some cans of spray paint and keep ’em in your car for when you get there. there’s about ten or twelve cadillacs half-buried in the ground, nose down, in the middle of this huge field. you can go right out to them and walk around and spray paint all over them to your little hearts content.

    just keep your eyes peeled because i can’t remember which side of amarillo they’re on, but they’re right on the main highway (the old route 66).


  6. Tania

    I agree, nothing like a sunset in the desert.

  7. liso.

    okay, here’s a website to check out – it’s called cadillac ranch. they also list some other stuff in the area that are some kind of weird things to check out. like a pair of legs. ooh, i’m jonesin for a roadtrip now!

  8. awww… you are getting into MY territory now!! although sadly, I am more a “Ft Worth” gal, so I can’t give you many recomendations for Dallas…
    If you pass by a “Mexican Inn” cafe stop and eat! Their homemade corn tortillas are the best!
    Enjoy Texas! :)

  9. Erin

    i know you won’t be able to make it, but i just watched Best Burger spot in the US and it’s in New Mexico called the Bobcat Cafe. Maybe you could make it on your next road trip.

  10. Like I said, one awesome beauty-spotter you are.

  11. Erin

    sorry, it’s the Bobcat Bite not Bobcat Cafe.

  12. SG

    say hi to momma for me!! where are you staying?

  13. nice blog.
    i’ll be visiting more often :)

  14. I’m consistently amazed by your adventures.

  15. oh gosh, good luck with the drive. We went from El Paso to Austin in a day and it was rough…but we also didn’t have A/C so that could have been part of the problem.

  16. Dallas is my hometown!

    The burgers at Burger House are yummy(they are really skinny though) and I love the seasoning that they put on their fries (and their cheese fries are amazing!). I suggest the one in Highland Park on Hillcrest Rd.

    ….Just in case you guys are looking for burgers…..

    Safe drive!

  17. ~pretty..pretty..PRETTY! So jealous here. I want to road trip with my love.
    ~dee (our little love nest)

  18. ana

    welcome to Dallas!!!!

    were a small city with a big city feel!

  19. Emma

    What an amazing adventure the two of you are on – I’m so jealous! Have fun, enjoy the sunsets and many sunrises I’m sure!

  20. lauren

    i so envy your road trip, it’s snowing here! grrrr!

  21. jb

    Naomi its me that thanks you for being such a bright star of the future. It gives me comfort to know that your out there doing the thing your doing. I hope you have a great week-end.


  22. Carolyn

    If I saw you/met you in Dallas I would probably feel like I met a celeb. Sort of. But I would be meeting real life nice people, I’m sure of it. Safe travels!

  23. have a safe trip home!

  24. mnk ♥

    oh, I can give you a couple of recommendations here, being a dallas girl! :) try monica’s (in deep ellum) or primo’s (uptown) for amazing mexican food here in dallas! when in little rock, rumba (downtown) has great mexican food as well… (I loooove my tex-mex). Also, the capital grille in little rock looks amazing, although I’ve never been. It’s also downtown. have so much fun!! I envy you!!

  25. That looks so great. I definitely want to go to Arizona some day. So jealous!

  26. Sum

    Beautiful. I’m glad you’re having fun on your roadtrip! :)

  27. oh yes the arizona sunsets have been just lovely lately! glad you came to our little state before it gets too hot.

    my favorite thing about new mexico is the green chile they heap on all the yummy food! if you stop in ALBQ. try the owl cafe for their awesome green chile cheese burgers!

  28. I’m finally going back to AZ in two days!! I’ve been gone for four months–my longest no-Arizona streak. I miss it so much. Aren’t Arizona sunsets the best?!

  29. Kate

    I so miss those sunsets, we have similar ones in New Mexico, which you hopefully got to see. And I LOVE the Coyote Cafe – green chile is the best!!!

  30. Joe

    It sounds like you might be coming through a bit early, but if you happen to be in Memphis on Saturday night you should come to the Hi-Tone Cafe. There is a great band playing. Whenever you come through Memphis, you should make sure to eat at Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken:
    310 S Front St
    Please enjoy the rest of your trip!

  31. Oh you make me miss the west and those sunsets! I LOVE that little BUG of yours! so fun! Livin the good like in DC- very happy for you two ;)

  32. dlp

    Out of all the places I’ve lived, Arizona has the most wondrous sunsetting.

  33. you are in our homestate yay!!

    Your blog always reminds me to have

    so thanks ;)

  34. Oh this picture makes me miss Arizona… Even though Denver is beautiful!!! Looks like you had a fun roadtrip! I am so jealous:)