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i got really lucky and was asked to style 
for a number of upcoming projects 
which i’m currently working on.
candice was kind enough to offer to help 
get my styling portfolio going by shooting 
some of my looks and ideas for me.
i dragged some of my pretty friends along to model.
{but when i think about it, i only have pretty friends.}
this is one of my best friends named sumaya. 
many of you probably recognize her
because she’s all over my blog.
we were roommates at juilliard in nyc,
we’ve done one too many rehearsals together
and i hope we remain friends forever because she has
such a good heart and is a very loving person.
she’s also stunning. i mean, look at her.
i think sumaya needs to go be a top model.
maybe if we get enough people to back me,
she’ll take me seriously and start pursuing it like she should.
who’s with me?

clothing: h&m;, dear golden vintage, anthropologie, monk

shoes: tani nyc, misssixty
balloons: from brooklyn
  1. I love those shoes in the 2nd pic! You do great taste in clothes.

  2. she is gorgeous…I love the items that you picked!

  3. Awesome!
    She should go and at least try it out!

    Love the pics.

  4. very beautiful! but i think she is too good for top model. especially if she is sweet. they are too dramatic!

  5. Shelley

    She is super pretty! Make her try out! I love the last picture and the miss sixty’s!

  6. Wish you were my stylist.

  7. jess

    love love love those amazing shoes in the second photo.

  8. Micaela

    SOOOO PRETTY! :) i lalaloove that last pic

  9. lauren

    you have such an eye for this! where did you find the lovely floral dress that you paired with the yellow cardigan? i have been searching everywhere for a dress like this. and it’s actually long enough, which is lovely. keep up the great work!

  10. JFM

    I just moved from D.C. four months ago, and you’re making me homesick!

    The shoot is beautiful. I love the last picture. It’s perfect.

  11. She is goregous and her legs in the last photo are amazing.

  12. Rachel

    These are amazing! I can’t wait to see more. She is sooooo gorgeous!

  13. Jeannie

    Her talent would be lost on Top Model. That show has gone down the drain!

  14. Emma

    wow! good luck on all the styling, although I think you’ve pretty much nailed it! She’s beautiful, and a great model. These photo’s are fab!

  15. Emily

    I absolutely agree 100% she should be a top model. Your styling is really good too. I like what you have chosen and the combinations.

  16. sheila

    oh yes she is a pretty gal. I’d back her up in votes. Great photos too.

  17. Jasmine

    nice work, naomi! congratulations on getting some jobs to style. so exciting! and, you’re right, your friend is beautiful!

  18. such cute shots! love the huge baloons!

  19. I agree totally. Top Model! Oh, and I’m in love with your headbands on Etsy. :)

  20. You simply amaze me with all this talent squishing out! It’s inspiring! :)

    p.s.. Where does the nickname Taza come from?

  21. you’re right, she’s beautiful (go be a model!). those shoes in the second photo are fantastic.

  22. She is beautiful! I agree she she be a top model.

  23. Shawn

    I love H & M!!! My fav. store!


    What kind of camera do you use btw? For the second photo, did you photo shop? The colors are just so VIVID!

  25. lauren

    She is outrageously stunning!!
    Go for it, Sumaya!

  26. Sumaya is beautiful. I’m a Filipino, and “sumaya” in Tagalog (our language) means to be happy :)

  27. So cute! You are so lucky to have such a fun job opportunity!

  28. Absolutely agree with you.

    Tell me, what is that you work with?

  29. the dress paired with the yellow cardigan is from anthro a few seasons back.

    and as for the camera, you’d have to ask candice. she is linked in this post!! all i know is that it’s very fancy and professional. :)

  30. Carolyn

    yeah girl!

    you’re pretty. go on top model already.

    also i miss you both terribly!!!

  31. +L

    that second picture is absolutely stunning. she looks good enough to eat- those colors are absolutely delicious on her!

  32. Sum

    cool photo shoots.

  33. Amazing styles. What a great fit for you.

  34. umama

    I love the contrasting colors here.. gorgeous!

  35. umama

    I love the contrasting colors here.. gorgeous!

  36. genius.