sista sista!

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we missed you hannah (she’s away at college)
during the sista-day fesitivies.

and happy april fools day!
anyone have any good april fools jokes/ stories?
i maybe fell for an april fools syphilis story, among others.
so gullible. not funny.


    I don’t think you ladies could be any cuter!

  2. april fools story.

    My grandma lived alone in an apartment across town and on April Fool’s she called my mom at like 7 in the morning and was like..


    Then she gave my mom a good ten minutes and didn’t answer the phone when she persistently called and then called her and said.

    My mom was crying… and was panicked. but it was worth it. I gave 10 (yourawesome) points to my grandma that day. haha

  3. Shawn

    You girls are adorable! I see the resemblence…

    Have fun!

  4. Martha

    Cute sistas. Sistas are the best.

  5. Yeah my dad got me today too. He made me RUN downstairs to go turn of the stove. When I got to my kitchen, there was nothing on the stove! I was so mad I started to laugh and ran upstairs but he already had gone into his room and through the door he said: “April Fools! HAHA!”

    He’s such a jokester. And I’m as gullible as ever! Gotta love him though!

    Keep having tons of fun with your fam!

  6. your sister in the middle looks a bit like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music. love the movie, love the haircut. And yes, you all have the same mouth :)

  7. Yeah. I am not really pregnant. April Fools!
    But we should do lunch when you get back. The House is in Recess, meaning that I may actually have time to step away from my desk during the day and go outside. Let me know!

  8. No good Fools stories but I do agree on the comment you all have the same beautiful mouths! Boys want to kiss them!!!!

  9. Sum

    Aww…sisterly love! All of you look like you’re having lots of fun together. Cuteness.

  10. aDeLiNe

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful :)

  11. Awe. You three couldn’t deny being sisters if you wanted to. You look incredibley alike. =]

    No April Fools jokes for me. Nobody even tried this year. It was a bit disappointing…

  12. Megan

    Seriously, you all have the prettiest smiles. So cute!

  13. Lindsey

    You are so pretty with or without makeup! And ya… April Fools. Told my husband we were pregnant, even had a stick to prove it. Let’s just say it wasn’t funny. Have fun in Utah! If you live by American Fork try Thai House and their mausuman curry. Delicious!

  14. Carolyn

    THESE are the pictures I love, your sisters and you are all so gorgeous.

    My co worker put my stapler in Jello yesterday. It was amazing.

  15. I switched the furniture all around in my brothers place. The living room became the dining room, the dining room the living room. Then I duct tapped all the light switches so he couldn’t turn them on and unscrewed the light bulbs just a little so when he went to turn them on.. nothing! Ha!! The funny thing about the whole thing is he called me early in the morning and was like “your not going to pull anything off on me today!” haha!! :)

  16. Nora

    First off, love your blog!

    And now … I pulled an epic prank on my darling boyfriend yesterday. We’ve been together for 2 1/2 outrageously blissful months. I’ve written about him quite a bit on my blog (

    Yesterday afternoon, I wrote that I was madly in love and feeling like doing something crazy. A few hours later, I posted photos from inside a tattoo parlor, then a shot of me (apparently) getting my wrist inked, then one holding up my wrist with his name on it, then a close-up of the wrist with the caption “I told you I was madly in love.” (The tattoo artist was, of course, in on the ruse. He even helped me smudge blush around the “tattoo” to make it look authentically irritated!)

    You can see the story unfold here:

    Immediately I started getting text messages and emails from friends and readers asking what’s going on. But my boyfriend doesn’t read the blog (he wants me to feel like I can talk freely), so I had one of his friends email him to say, basically, “What the hell is she doing?!”

    She sent me the Gchat between them. Poor guy, he was clearly trying to be calm about it (“I’m crazy about her but … I mean, what happens if we break up?”) — but c’mon, a tattoo is a pretty crazy thing to do, and very out of character (I have one, an elephant, that I got when I was 21 — a very different scenario, of course.)

    I gave him time to sweat it out and then I called to say, “Darling! I have a surprise for you! I have to show you tonight.” He sounded nervous, but he did ask if I wanted to go to a party later that night so I knew he wasn’t about to dump me for being so nuts!

    As the time for the big reveal approached, he got a drink with one of his friends who happened to be in on the prank (I ran into him right after getting the “tattoo” and spilled the beans.) His friend whipped him into an even bigger panic, saying things like, “Are you sure she’s not poking holes in the condoms?”

    Knowing this, when we met, I slyly said, “I’m so nervous to tell you what it is, baby, I think I need a drink first.” As we waited for our champagne, I quipped, “Well, at least you know I’m not pregnant! Or I wouldn’t be drinking.”

    His eyes grew wide as saucers. “Uh … were you planning on getting pregnant?” Tee-hee!

    After a few sips of champagne, I said, “Okay. You know I am madly in love with you. And I am very impulsive. So today I did something…” and I started to unwrap plastic wrap my roommate put on my wrist. Under it was a cotton pad. I pulled it off to reveal the “tattoo.” He was like, “Oh baby!” and sort of hugged me, as though he was sincerely touched but also, understandably, uncomfortable. I do remember him saying “thank you.”

    Then he looked down again and saw that on the other side of the cotton pad I had written APRIL FOOL’S!

    I got him SO GOOD. And he LOVED it. (I knew he would.) I still haven’t revealed that it’s a prank on my blog though. Not sure exactly how I’m going to do that. I’m thinking I’m going to wait until tomorrow and tonight post a photo of my boyfriend’s arm with a “Nora” tattoo… ;)

  17. your sisters are the cutest. totally rockin that short haircut.

  18. Nigel

    oh hannah were you all there at the same time?? cool!