1. Kelle

    So, I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now. And this? Oh, this was just a big fat happiness pill. What a happy, bless-ed memoir of you and your husband, and I can’t imagine what a treasure this will be someday! Thank you for sharing your joyous life!

  2. first time stopping by! you guys are adorable.

  3. kailee

    so i’ve been reading your blog for awhile now but this brought me out!!! how did you do it? do you have a special camera??? please let me know. I want to do something like this over the summer.

  4. dear; I could watch the previous videos that you had uploaded from here. for example the Carolyn dance. but this one …no! :(


  5. Suzanne

    that was AWESOME!
    i loved it.
    super cute!!!

  6. jones

    fabulous! just fabulous!

  7. this reminds me a little of the film my husband made on our honeymoon roadtrip, they’re so fun to make! Those ribs looked good….glad you enjoyed our home state of Arizona :)

  8. kari

    you two are adorable. kudos to turning something that might be mundane into a true adventure.

  9. Lindsey

    Seriously, who dresses that cute on a road trip? I think I’m gonna hafta go change out of my sweats now.

  10. This is so cute… I’d definitely like to steal this idea and, perhaps, one day make one of my own… to dream…

  11. sheila

    that is very well done.
    Cute too.

  12. Carolyn

    I think if I could watch this, every day, for the rest of my life…I would look forward to it every single time. I wonder sometimes if old fashioned true love and road trips like that still exist. they sure do. :)
    thank you for sharing!

    ps that is my favorite Patsy song ever.

  13. Heather


  14. I’m just so jealous about all of it!

    So cool for you both.

  15. emily

    How do you get your husband to do stuff like that?! My husband would never, in a million years, make a heart with my hand over our names. And he REALLY loves me. I just can’t get him to do stuff like that.

    Loved that video, you guys are so cute and that trip just looked amazing!

  16. Dri_Mar

    I can’t watch the video because it’s not “available in my country or domain” :(

  17. looks like you guys went though flagstaff

    any pictures from there??

  18. how i managed to miss this on monday is beyond me, but i’m now in desperate need of a roadtrip. so so cute! xo

  19. Reb

    Dang cutest movie, I want one of me and my prince. Please post a tutorial on how you did it. Pretty please.

  20. This is fantastic! I love it and I hope you are loving DC.
    Also I loved your styling with the red balloons!

    We need to talk fun NYC food places and shops! I am exploring! Happy Spring!



  21. anna

    cute, cute, cute!

  22. I just found this via your 2009 list – and oh my goodness…it is beautiful! You guys are seriously talented :)

  23. I just found this adorable little video, and am dying to learn how to make my own. Please please tell me what camera/software you used and how you edited it!

  24. I just found this video, and it is adorable! I'm dying to make a similar one of my own. Please please tell me what type of camera/software you used and how you went about editing it!