road trip.

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so… husband and i just bought a Volkswagen Beetle
and are taking a little road trip cross country back home to DC.
we are so excited.
we’re driving through
santa fe, new mexico
dallas, texas
little rock, arkansas
memphis, tennessee
nashville, tennessee
knoxville tennessee
if you have any tips, recommendations or favorite places
you’d suggest we stop by or see along the way, let us know!!!
we can’t wait to explore on our cross country adventure!
see you in a few days!

*update: check our little video film of our road trip, which you can check out HERE.

  1. mare

    darling picture! congrats on your move and new purchase.

  2. Thais


    Stop by my house in Dallas!

  3. Mandie

    I’m from the Greatest City in the World, um, I mean Dallas, and there’s a lot to see!

    *The Canals at Las Colinas (awesome architecture, gondolas, romance)
    *Stop by and see the new opera house being built on Woodal Rogers. Pretty amazing.
    *The NASHER is a must
    *Five guys burgers at the Galleria Mall
    *Southfork Ranch where Dallas was filmed. That’s about a mile from my house.
    *Dallas Arboretum
    *We have an awesome arts district with something to do all the time.
    *And of course the Dallas Temple. :)

  4. andrea

    Ah! The red rocks! SO gorgeous! So how much time do you guys have? If you are coming to the Nashville temple (which is in Franklin) there is the cutest little shopping area in historic downtown franklin. Merridees Yummy yum yum. plus really adorable shops. You would love.

  5. Brittan

    oh my goodness, please let me introduce you to the best vegan restaurant in the whole world when you come to Dallas!

    i’m brittan. my best friend is bonnie (loves pictures photography, one of your lovely sponsors) and i just love reading your blog.

    email me if you’d like some fun dallas ideas! there are some truly great treasures to be found here but you have to know where to look.

    [email protected]

  6. cool car, cool blog and happy trip!

  7. The Soup Kitchen in Knoxville is fabulous! Afterwards you could visit the UT Arboretum…it’s gorgeous!

    And Litton’s has burgers and shakes that could rival any NYC location! Don’t forget to share a piece of red velvet cake if you make it there!

    Safe travels…

  8. Alex M.

    What and awesome photo!

  9. ooh, i’m jealous!

    that’s my dream car…=]

  10. Lindsay

    I’m so glad you’re doing this, because my husband and I are doing the same thing this summer. We’re moving from CA to MD and we’re so excited to have adventures across the country! I will definitely be stealing your ideas.

  11. sheila

    that’s the cutest picture ever!

  12. Prianka

    I live in Austin, TX so I don’t know the details of the awesome things to do in Dallas,
    but I second Jenna:

    take blubonnet pictures! A Texas spring tradtion. Wear white.

    p.s. based on the blog, you guys would adore the feel of Austin. you guys should come visit. :)

  13. AshleyG

    You HAVE to get a Tennessee tea cake while in Knoxville. The best are at Ham N Goodies. The lemon cookies there are to die for too. I have family there and it’s always my first request when I visit.

  14. Cameron

    Oh, also in Knoxville you need to go to the World’s Fair Park (it was the 1982 world’s fair) and get a shirt too! The park is marked with the big giant gold sunsphere that looks like a giant golf ball!

  15. K.

    omigosh when will you be in Knoxville?!

  16. This picture has AMAZING colors! Love it! :)

  17. who took this picture?

  18. ahh!.. i just sold my light blue beetle convertible (bluebelle) & bought a 2011 VW Golf. when you get rid of that car, check out the Golf(: