1. haha i love this. i sometimes apply makeup while i drive, but this takes true skill.

  2. what a blast! i am envious of your road trip adventure, but not of the tangles you’re sure to have in your hair when you stop! :P but hey – the messy look is IN!

  3. Megan

    Seems like you guys are having so much fun!

    I’m pretty sure I’ll get to do something similar in a few years when I make the trek to grad school. Can’t wait!

  4. Sum

    Haha you are hilarious! I sometimes drive and take pictures when necessary. It’s scary and hazardous, I know. This should be in a shampoo commercial. Top-less cars are so much fun.

  5. Shawn

    Oh, your little car is the cutest and I have to say that you two are the most adorable couple of the year —-or maybe the century!!

    Can I give that award to you? The most adorable couple of the century?

    Have fun!

  6. Micaela

    we won’t tell your dear Mum :) you darlings have fun!!! (looks like you are!!!)

  7. mic

    i totally wish i were doing that right now intead of sitting in a cubical! enjoy your roadtrip, i’m sure it will be amazing!

  8. sheila

    looks like fuN!
    we just took that trip, but on the I-80 (more convenient) But your photos look so much warmer.

  9. Lynne

    I forgot to say earlier that you should REALLY check out Memphis BBQ at The Commissary in Germantown…it’s just barely out of Memphis and sooooo worth it. I know everyone will tell you Corkeys is the best, but they have not been to the commissary…it’s a small dive but it’s hugely popular and local rumor has it that the king used to love it…here’s their number and link:



    Don’t have regrets — go there!

  10. Hallie

    its cold here in texas so bundle up!

  11. Liv

    it hurts my heart to be chained down by a job and a mortgage and student loans.

    why can’t everyone just take a roadtrip in the springtime?

  12. you guys look like you’re having a blast! ha, my mom would freak too!

  13. bekaboo

    I love the flying hair! Well done by the driver/photographer.

  14. I feel as if i would be travelling with you ;]

  15. CC.

    i love that feeling too!!!! its even more amazing with some good tunes :)

  16. Brooke

    So I happened to run into your blog and I am amazed! I love your style and creativity! I bet if we met we would be friends… lol.

  17. Eve

    it’s talent!

  18. oh my goodness- looks so fun! i love cross country roadtrips!

  19. Meghan

    AAAHHH i want to be doing this right now!!!!!!!!!

  20. Shin

    Glad you’re having fun! I want your husband! lol. just kidding. xxoxoxoxoxo

  21. Carolyn

    I do the same in my convertable, I love it!

  22. Martha

    I LOVE doing that! I have a picture doing so on my blog!

  23. hahah awesome photo! im jealous of your road trip! x

  24. What a great photo :)

  25. when i put my top down, my hair flies around too. Except it doesnt look like a sexy car commercial. It looks more like my face getting attacked by tumble weed.

  26. Dee

    Wow, first commenter! Ooh, road trips are so much fun :) Hope you can share what you have in your music playlist for your little road trip! PS Your hair looks so healthy and gorgeous!

  27. Ha! That looks fun. It’s fun being updated on your road trip!

  28. lol — looks like fun! Enjoy the rest of your road trip.


  29. Rie

    if you are going to be in nashville on friday night you need to go the cannery and see ten out of tenn!! its their last show of the tour!

  30. Looks like you guys are having a blast!!! Have a little fun for levi and me since we can’t right now. Ok so i’m starting my blog. Here is the website. I will probably change it though. I’ll let you know. I’m just getting going on it. Be safe! Have tons of fun! Love Jen

  31. Meikel

    When you get back to D.C. you must go to Jaleo, it’s divine. It is down by the White House area-ish. Also, you blog makes my day every time I read it! Safe traveling!

  32. I won’t tell her. But she might see this photo. :)

  33. That is lovely :)

  34. Lynn

    I’m excited that you will be in Dallas! I love your blog and your style! too bad I’m working or I’d try to show you around today. Places in Dallas: The Dallas World Aquarium, Sonny Bryan BBQ, Kellers or Twisted Root Burgers. OrangeCup yogurt. Bishop Art District. Have fun!!

  35. anna K.

    i am from memphis and have some recommendations! (hold on to your hat!)

    first things first: a terrific vintage store on east parkway and cooper (midtown) called Flashback! i got a cool pair of 60s glasses to put my prescription in.

    brother juniper's for breakfast is a MUST! (i'm serious about this!!) it opens at 6am and stays open only until 1230p…so get there as early as you can stand it before there's a line! (it's worth the wait, though) the BEST omelets, home fries and biscuits! it's owned by a greek orthodox family who also apprentice kids to learn baking as a trade. it's near the university of memphis at walker and highland.

    the "rendez vous" is the place to go for BBQ and ribs – and that's downtown. now, there's a Tops BBQ on Union Ave. right across from Methodist Hospital that I love! They don't have ribs just BBQ sandwiches, etc.

    huey's midtown is a must – a memphis institution. it's at the corner of madison and tucker. hamburgers and onion rings are a must. or the cheese fries. huey's is right across from shangri-la record store which is SO much fun and fun to dig through the record bins!

    bosco's in overton square in midtown – cooper and madison – has a good dinner and brews as well as sunday brunch.

    there's another restaurant on the back of Overton square called Le Chardonney. It's a little on the pricey side but a really cool place with fantastic food and wine. has an dim, romantic, underground kind of feel to it.

    in cooper-young, the young avenue deli is pretty good and has a variety of sandwiches and wraps. they always have good music at night, too. kind of a hipster place but good vibes.

    la baguette on poplar avenue, right down from east high school (where actress cybil shepard went to school) has wonderful french pastries and lunch.

    definitely visit the peabody hotel downtown at 2nd and Union. there's a Mississippi writer that says the Delta begins in the lobby of the Peabody Hotel. Also, for a look-see around downtown, the South Main district is really cool and you might as well wander down Beale Street while you're at it.

    Ernestine and Hazel's is a cool restaurant and bar – it used to be a brothel that they converted. It's in the South Main area – can't remember what street…but you could find it online.

    a bar up the street from Tops BBQ is called the Buccaneer. it's right off of Union…ask almost anyone in a bar and they can tell you where it is. i wanna say the street is monroe but i may be wrong. i can see it in my head, but that's all. you really just go there for the ambience…red pleather covered door and bar! pretty cool. Sun Studios is right down from there (heading downtown) and is fun to look through and take a short tour. (as you are going towards sun records on union avenue and you can look to your left and see the new baptist hospital – they tore down the old one where elvis was pronounced dead. it's right before the park with the statue of the guy on the horse (nathan bedford forrest).

    the P & H cafe on Madison Avenue is where Craig Brewer (Black Snake Moan, Hustle & Flow) filmed his first movie, The Poor and the Hungry. The food isn't unique, but it's a local hangout for folks.

    That should get you started. in the Midtown and Cooper-Young areas, you'll find lots to do. There are record shops (Goner Records on Young) and I wanna say there's another thrift store across Cooper, down from the Young Avenue deli.

    i can also put you in touch with a couple of friends if you want them to show you around or anything. email me: [email protected]

  36. anna K.

    oh! a place in dallas to eat called “cafe brazil” in the deep ellum arts district has the absolute best breakfast (breakfast is my thing, you might notice). some of the best french toast EVER!

    they have lunch food, too, i think…but seriously…that french toast!

    have fun!

  37. I honestly haven’t missed my long hair until this picture. Mostly because it’s so smokin’ hot.

    DC is beautiful! Wish you were here.

  38. anna K.

    ok…i swear this is the last thing(s)!!

    you would really enjoy audubon park on poplar avenue – which is by the brooks museum of art and the memphis zoo. also, right there at the light at poplar and tucker, is the hi-tone…the scene of many an artist from elvis costello to hank III to iris dement! (drive down tucker to madison and you’ll see huey’s restaurant) but i digress…i have a point here, hang with me!

    if you’re on poplar and get on cooper (there’s only one way to turn) you’ll pass the area of overton square and then if you keep going through union avenue, keep driving on cooper and right past the light at peabody you’ll see otherlands coffee shop – a local institution. very cool building with mosaic tiles decorating the doorframe – and lots of interesting art on the building. good coffee…good garlic cheese toast! there’s a shop next door to it with art and jewelry.

    keep going on cooper and as you pass through the light at central avenue, look ahead and up at the RR bridge over the street and see the lovely metal art scene on the bridge! it’s really cool and even lights up at night. that’s your entry into one of the hippest, artsy neighborhoods in town.

  39. anna K.

    ok…seriously…i’m almost embarrassed…just realized you said little rock, arkansas…read my blogpost and i have pictures and everything about downtown little rock. two words! RIVER MARKET!

    there’s a cool bar/restaurant as you walk down clinton ave. towards the market. it has beads in the windows and beatles lyrics on the windows. should have taken a picture!!

    i’m REALLY DONE this time.

  40. ana

    be careful with split ends!!! top down driving does that!

  41. I agree with Shawn – you two are definitely the most adorable couple of the century. Superb photo by the way. You have the most creative blog I've read. I love it.
    and ohmygosh I'm so jealous of your roadtrip! ♥

  42. Lindsey

    Well, I think your husband’s super talented, your blog is super cute (as is your cute face) and I dig the photographs. Super inspiring. And coming from a former Utahn living in sunny San Diego, In-n-Out’s got my vote too!

  43. For what its worth, I absolutely adore your site. I check up on it any chance I get. You are great at photography. And you two are just adorable. Keep it up. Very inspiring!

  44. Nigel

    love you hair…love letting it down and flying free..wait that got kinda deep by accident hahahahahahahaha great shot lover :)