hello, sunshine. hello, warm weather…

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we really enjoyed our weekend in arizona. the wedding was so beautiful,  the weekend was sunny, we made up a club and read a book together, we now have more married friends  and  we ate one too many chocolate covered strawberries  (ok i did. not husband.) and the one good thing about me braking our digital camera friday evening  was the fact that i somehow brought 3 extra packs of polaroid film to arizona… so lots and lots of wedding polaroids coming soon… … ... Read more

happy weekend!

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we’re flying to phoenix arizona in a few hours for the weekend to attend a lovely little wedding. and hopefully, we’ll be swimming a little too  and enjoying that 80 degree sun out there. crossing my fingers… have a wonderful weekend! xo ... Read more

and then we all played nice and lived happily ever after.

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photo by candice.

hi everyone!

i hope you don’t mind but i’d like to say a few things…

i love all of you. seriously… what i love most about blogging are all the magnificent people i’ve had the opportunity to get acquainted with or meet through this blog. thanks for being so tremendous and kind.

i absolutely love getting comments and emails from all of you.... Read more

lift my spirits.

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husband bought me some frozen yogurt last night. he made me laugh and laugh and laugh too. and he told me i was beautiful.  then he kissed me. i feel better. … *also,  i have a few things i’d like to say, and once i better figure out how to articulate those thoughts, i’ll be saying them right here.... Read more


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i’ve been staring at this old photo  of my grandparents for the last few days. i pulled it out of an old folder and it’s been sitting open  on my desktop since sunday.  i just can’t stop looking at the dashing couple my grandparents made. i miss them both terribly today. wish they were still here so we could have a conversation  over some of grandma’s ukrainian cooking. ... Read more