i can’t wait for this moment someday when that baby in the photo is actually ours…

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this is my husband, josh.. throwing a baby we do not really know up in the air last weekend at the wedding in arizona. {i love seeing him go crazy over the babies…} this is one of the many many reasons i cannot wait to have children someday with this man… because it gives me so much comfort to know that he will be by my side as we raise them, and that he will be one exceptionally loving father.... Read more

here’s to happiness {by jasmine}

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meet jasmine. she and her boyfriend levi are absolutely adorable. they live in a tiny studio apartment in southern california and obviously love the little things a whole lot. we’ve never met, but i adore her blog and know if we did, we’d be wonderful friends. 

here is jasmine’s 10 little things that make her terribly happy:

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i love this girl more than cupcakes.

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this is sarah roberts. she is one of my best friends. she is also one of the most beautiful people i know, both inside and out. (like i’ve said before, i only have pretty friends.) we went to juilliard together and now she is dancing professionally in chicago (but she’s actually on tour right now…) anyway, today is her birthday and she is 23!... Read more

here’s to happiness.

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wearing husbands sweatshirt watching ducks cross my street at 6:30 in the morning fresh flowers otter pops pretending i can walk in 6 inch heels our fridge stocked with polaroid film writing letters reading about elephants yawning kissing husband what makes you terribly happy? maybe you should email me your list of 10 little things and i might feature it here!... Read more