nashville tennessee: gigi’s cupcakes

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we stopped by gigi’s cupcakes in nashville and i was in love.
i’d never even heard of a boston creme cupcake before 
{although that is my favorite kind of donut} 
and trust me, you need to try it! so good.
i want to open up a franchise of gigi’s here in DC. 
i am serious.

and i am in love with this bottom photo 
because it has four of my favorite things in it:
my husband, our beetle, a pot of flowers and cupcakes galore! 
  1. oh man. gigi’s is my absolutele most favorite cupcake place ever. they just added a second location 2 minutes from my work in franklin, and it is awfully hard not to run over there EVERY DAY!

    glad you got to visit on your drive through nashville. love your blog, your photos, and you!

  2. I’ve never had or heard of Gigi’s before but those cupcakes sure look yummy!!

  3. if you ever come to san francisco you have to try Kara’s Cupcakes. to die for.

  4. Sara

    This looks like a truly magical place!

  5. mare

    you should open a franchise, do it. you look lovely as usual naomi.

  6. sheila

    if you open one up here in D.C. I would visit weekly. And I’d even be one of your taste testers if you needed me to.

  7. Yum! I am trying to cut down sweets – but boy is it hard! That bottom picture is pure perfection! ;)

  8. So glad that you tried that place! And that you loved Nashville!!!!

  9. Melanie

    i love the bottom photo. it’s lovely. reflection photos are the best!

  10. Ashley

    oh you definitely found the good stuff! there is one less than 5 minutes from my apt and i can’t stay away!!!!

  11. Oh wow, boston creme cupcake sounds amazing!

  12. Tara

    I don’t know why it excites me as much as it does that you came to Nashville and loved it. :)
    I haven’t tried Gigi’s but I have wanted to ever since they opened up in Midtown (the one you went to). Just like Rachel Arnold (the first comment) I work in Franklin and they just opened one up about a minute or two away. I’ll have to try it!

  13. Lindsey

    I love that you guys are so equally creative in so many potentially mundane things. You are quite inspiring, friend.

  14. jesska

    Oh, I love a good cupcake! I made florentine cupcakes recently, reminded me I should do it more often :)

  15. my current cupcake addiction is rocky road cupcake at this place called “passion for pastry” that opened up in our mall awhile ago. Its chocolate cupcake with the yummiest glob of chocolate cream and marshmallows on top, mmmmmmmm

    I was sad when they closed down ms fields, but im not complaining that it was replaced by cupcakes.

  16. Sum

    I am in love with your photos.

  17. Mare

    Gigi’s sounds incredible. Now I’m suddenly craving cupcakes =).

    That’s such a cool picture of your four favorites.

  18. Peri

    This is Estee’s little sister. You may know her just because she comments on your blog. I was wondering where you got the name Taza because I think it’s adorable!

  19. TEA

    I adore Boston Creme donuts!! If I am ever in Nashville, I will have to try the cupcake! Sounds delicious!!

  20. Shawn

    I absolutely LOVE cake!! And cupcakes are the perfect size.

    I love that outfit you have on in the pic—-I am jealous of your great clothes.

  21. cheryl

    If you liked this place, you might enjoy Quack's 43rd St. Bakery in Austin! I had the exact same experience you had — found the Boston Creme cupcake, thought to self, "Hmm, that IS my favorite doughnut," then ate aforementioned cupcake. The music they play is also pretty great.

    P.S. LOVE you guys & your site!

  22. logan

    I am going to second Nicole’s comment and say that if and when you come to SF, you must try Kara’s! They are based on the same principle -she uses all local vendors for her ingredients and has a lot of pride in the quality of the cakes.

    To DIE for, seriously.

  23. cupcakes window love it!!!

  24. those cupcakes look delicious!!

  25. delicious photo session ;)

  26. I’m with sheila! I’d totally be a solid customer at your Gigi’s! :)

  27. alli

    Man, I am craving delicious cupcakes! I live in Austin and I’m thinking I’m going to check out that place Cheryl recommended…maybe today!

  28. andrea

    you will be the cutest little cupcake shop owner ever!

  29. Belle

    Yum these look fabulous!! And I adore the last photo.
    You definitely should open your own store!!

  30. I had my 1st several boston cream donuts early this year…I can only imagine what the cupcake is like! You tease and taunt me again….arrrrrrrrrg!

  31. i’ve been loving all your trip photos! and those cupcakes look amazing!

    hope all is well!

  32. I LOVE this place! I went here last summer and fell in love.

  33. Tori

    If you are ever in memphis, try muddy's! it's the best bake shop in memphis, and while it doesn't even come close to new york cupcakes, theirs are pretty darn good! my favorite is the capote (chocolate with white icing!)
    they have an adorable vintage-feel shop! :)
    but next time i'm in nashville i know where i'm headed!

  34. Yum! Gigi's!! This is about 3 blocks from where I work. Sooo good!

  35. Yum! Gigi's! This is about 3 blocks from where I work.

  36. Carolyn

    ah! my home! i'm so glad you found gigi's, i do hope you took a stroll in hillsboro village to all the little shops! if you didnt, come back and you HAVE to visit Pangaea!