1. LOVE those pictures. oh and the gingham table cloth. and the brick walls.

  2. i cant believe ive lived here my entire life and never had gus’s, regardless of how many people i hear raving about it.

  3. Lindsey

    that place was on food network!! i want to go there so bad! i live 2 hours from there and haven’t been. lol

  4. oh yum! i miss fried chicken.

  5. oh yum!
    that sounds so good.

  6. Sandi

    Please tell me you ate at a waffle house! I crave it. I can’t wait to pick up the kids at school in Asheville NC and Chattanooga TN just so I can have a waffle! There is nothing better!

  7. sandi, we did actually stop by a waffle house. it used to be my husband’s favorite place to eat in florida growing up. it was my first time and i didn’t really like it. i think we just went to a bad one in the middle of texas. we’ll definitely give it a second try though in the future i am sure since my husband really adores his waffles there!

  8. cupcakes and fried chicken…could it/can it get any better?

  9. Gus’s…Yumm! The last time I was there, one of the workers told me about how the owner makes the breading mix every morning and delivers it to the restaurant as he doesn’t want anyone to know the recipe. (seriously)

  10. Yeah, I’ve had fried chicken in Harlem before, but you just can’t beat real Southern fried chicken. (I might be biased, though. I’m an Alabama girl!)

  11. Shelley

    mmmm! looks so good!

  12. oh yum!

  13. Tara

    One of my best friends works for CSX and lives in TN. How funny!

  14. erin

    love your shot of the sign! perfect!

  15. Sum


  16. if you like chicken – in dc you have to have:
    chix on U and 11th st. its all organic and just delicious! I had it last night and am craving more.

    rocklands: in glover park – best bbq in dc and you HAVE to have their mac and cheese and texas corn pudding

    chicken out: more of a family style rotisserie chicken place – but the sides are to die for!

  17. Micaela

    you guys are darlings! I loveee your husband took a pic with the owners. It meant a lot to them, I’m sure!!!!

    I help out at a friend’s restaurant, a little place that’s just started out in a not so busy part of town and I adore when customers really show they appreciate the food/service. You guys popping in would have made our day!!! :)

  18. Mrs. B

    My hubby ate at this same Gus's weekly when we lived in Mphs! He worked just down the street at the Forum…I love these photos…