memphis, tennessee: graceland

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we signed our names on the wall outside of elvis’ home.
we sort of really adored memphis, too.
and we sort of don’t want this road trip to end.
we are having so much fun!
but we’re excited to get back to decorating our new home in DC.
and getting back to a more regular sleeping pattern.
  1. stephy

    Ooo! Fantastic sunglasses!

  2. how do both of you still manage to look cute on road trips?! a road trip usually means sweats, tshirts, and a sloppy pony tail… for a guy, good hygiene is chewing gum!

    ps love the dress… where do you shop?

  3. xavia

    you’re both so pretty :)

  4. wow… this sounds like too much fun, I wouldn’t want it to end either!
    have fun for the rest of your trip…I’m sure you guys will!

  5. such an adorable picture…glad you’re taking advantage of fun landmarks!


    I want those boots!

  7. TKTC

    Hometown lovefest!! So glad you had fun…the city is quite a character!

  8. Martha

    Oo what color did you guys decide on?

  9. jealous! big elvis fan. digging your boots. have fun :)

  10. my aunt lives just outside of memphis! you look like your having tons of fun! keep the updates comin! :D

  11. Bree

    Oh! I meant to leave you a long list of things to do in Memphis, since it’s my beloved hometown, but if you still are there this evening or in the morning, get some good barbeque at the Rendevous or breakfast at Brother Junipers… And your outfit is Memphis-perfect. You two are adorable. I hope you had fun!

  12. emily

    You guys are SO CUTE. And I’m pretty sure you’re the only woman in the world who dresses up on a road trip. I SO wanna be you sometimes.

  13. these are the cutest!

  14. Erin

    I left a recommendation that you visit “Unique Thrift Store” (Falls Church, Va) and now I’m worried I talked it up too much, ha! I know you’ll like it but just like most thrift stores it is a bit of a hit and miss. It is HUGE though, so you should be able to find something at every visit. It took me almost three months, of going several times a week, to furnish our place but it was worth it! I think it is one of the best kept secrets in DC! Although word has traveled fast. You have to get there right when it opens to beat the antique shop owners. Good luck!

    Also, just FYI, I’ve ended up painting or staining most of the wood pieces (chairs, side tables, buffet/hutch) I’ve bought there. So, you have to be willing to acquire some painting projects!

  15. Carolyn

    UGH how cute are you guys! Love the road trip pics!

  16. It looks like so much fun…
    p.s. I just discovered your blog and its terrific!

  17. you both are the most rested looking cross country drivers i’ve ever seen! when i moved out to phoenix from new york, i think i wore sweatpants and a tank top the whole way. haha…. then again, i didn’t make the fun stops you both are making…. gas station attendants were the only witnesses to my bad roadtrip fashion. have a great trip! you’re almost home! :) Just in time to check out the last of the cherry blossoms :) By the way, I’m Amy. Nice to meet you :) Thanks for such a fun blog!

  18. Shweeet.
    Aw I love following your road trip. I don't want it to end either!

  19. amy

    how crazy is that jungle room?!

    love me some graceland.

    and love your glasses!

  20. I love your blog! Just saw it in Being Red! Your pictures are great! I love how you and your husband are roadtripping in a VW bug! Awesome! :)

  21. McCall

    those photos are too cute :) they remind me of max wanger’s photography he does engagement photos and they are really fun looking, like you guys!!

  22. Awe! Glad you two are having so much fun!

  23. too cute! love the heart shape over your names!! drive safe!

  24. ali

    okay, i think someone already mentioned this — but don’t forget to go to hatch show print in nashville! score some cool posters or seconds for your new dc digs! here’s to fun fun fun road trippin’ …

  25. LiLu

    You guys are the cutest couple ever! And that is SO AWESOME!

  26. Chelsea

    I love those boots! Where are they from?!?! :o)

  27. thank you! they are frye boots! i love them.

  28. Sum

    You are so adorable! Your outfit is amazing and you look stunning in red. What kind of lipstick are you wearing and how can you wear it so perfectly? I bought MAC lipstick the other day after your one post. I can’t seem to wear red lipstick without staining my teeth. Please share your expertise!

  29. anna K.

    too fun! glad you had a good time. let me know if you ever head back!

  30. Sarah

    So what color did you decide on for the kitchen? BLUE?

  31. hiya! came across you via cupcakes and cashmere and wanted to let you know that your blog (and, by extension, you) rocks!


  32. just found your blog! love it! :)

  33. Tori

    i live in memphis and have never been to graceland! now i want to go just to sign my name on that wall! :)