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i’ve been staring at this old photo 
of my grandparents for the last few days.
i pulled it out of an old folder and it’s been sitting open 
on my desktop since sunday.
 i just can’t stop looking at the dashing couple my grandparents made.
i miss them both terribly today.
wish they were still here so we could have a conversation 
over some of grandma’s ukrainian cooking. 
i’d love to hear some stories and words of wisdom right about now.
gosh, i miss them.
and sorry, 
i am in a weird place with the whole blogging thing as of late.
but i’ll try to be back soon. 
  1. oh no :( i’m so sorry, but i LOVE your blog and hope you continue! :)

  2. jen

    What a lovely couple! I love old photographs.

    I don’t know what hurtful words have you down, but let me just tell you that I think you’re awesome, and you’ve been such an inspiration to me! Your blog makes so many people happy, so whatever was said is surely nonsense!

    You’re fabulous, girlie! Don’t forget it!

  3. lauren

    i’m sorry you’re having a bit of a rough time. to be honest, i still have days where those awful comments that appeared on my blog still sting me. we’re only human, after all. but just remember that you are beautiful, talented and kind, and i have really appreciated the good advice and kind words that you have offered to me personally.

    and your grandparents are quite a handsome couple. so classy. just like you. :)

  4. such a cute couple!

    and i’m sorry for the hurtful words. i know that kind words overpower them in the long run!

  5. I am a follower, I never comment. But I do love you. Everytime my google reader says you have a post I know it is something that will make me smile. I am sorry there are rude people in the world. But I do want you to know that I love reading and I think you are fantastic. I hope my vote counts and you keep posting.
    I am private, email for an invite
    [email protected]

  6. jess

    Didn’t their parents teach them “if they can’t say something nice, not to say anything at all?”

    Anyways, I hope you realize that those that are with you are far more than those against you!!

  7. Diana

    Blogging is a hobby and you do it for yourself and all the people that follow believe you have an amazing and interesting life and we thank you for letting us be a part of it. Don’t stop blogging for whatever anyone says. Those who matter don’t mind, those who mind, don’t matter. something my grandma would always tell me

  8. you guys are sweet. thank you.

    but the blogging issue doesn’t have to do with a hurtful comment directed towards me on my blog– i can handle those…

    i’m just bugged lately with some of the more dramatic women in the blogging world who enjoy attacking others in their actual posts.

    why can’t we all play nice? what has happened to everyone?

  9. you have too many lovers to stop blogging, n.

    and the haters… well, you’ll find them everywhere –on every blog. trust me.

    they are sad.

    and jealous.

  10. jb

    Naomi, I can’t imagine anyone saying hurtful words to you at all. With all the beauty you have in you that would be the last thing I would think of. You know that video you made; I’m still blown away by your artistry. I would love it if you dropped by to read my new post it will make you happy, to know that there are people out there who really care.

    So too make up for the hurt you received, I would like to say to you, that you’re an inspiration to me at least and to my followers who came over to see who you where thanks to that little movie. It showed you’re true essence and so much heart and soul.

    It’s these moments with strangers that enrich my life in particular. Be strong, be happy and may love wrap its soft blanket around you tonight and comfort you from any pain you’ve received.

    Life Naomi, is all a test and your shining way bright, it’s blindingly beautiful…..shine on you crazy diamond…shine on.


  11. oh wow chicken. i didn’t even know there have been hurtful words anywhere. some people have no love in their own lives and it makes them sad so they wanna do the same to others. it’s so unfortunate but the world is a wee bit topsy turvey sometimes. but the sky is still blue and filled with big fluffly clouds; even if it’s the wrong way up

    big big love

  12. you are so sweet! and fabulous! it sucks that there have to be haters out there. hang in there :)

  13. what a beautiful couple

  14. aw…those days are tough (and we all have them). pictures do help and memories bring them to life so keep that picture out on your desk!

  15. Krysta

    hurtful words are just a disguise for one’s own insecurities.
    So, as difficult as it may be, don’t listen to them and continue to do your thing!

  16. jessx

    that made me cry. i have no idea why.

    i have been reading your blog for some time now, and i love it. i cant imagine why anyone would say something bad about you.

    you give me ideas to be super creative and reasons to be happy and have fun.

  17. Heidi

    i love this blog! my friend, kelle found it and is a big fan and shared it with me ’bout a month ago. we LOVE it. we jokingly say we are ‘taza groupies!’

    this blog is positive, fun, creative, free-spirited, and loving! you are so talented and inspiring, and i love how you love your man!!! don’t let anyone get you down because there are so many better people out there than there are ‘haters.’ what fuels people to act like that?

    So great has been the endurance, so incredible the achievement, that, as long as the sun keeps a set course in heaven, it would be foolish to despair of the human race.
    -Ernest L. Woodward

    I was trying to find a really cool and uplifting quote or something to cheer you up…this quote wasn’t eaxactly it, as i know you are not against the whole human race…but i kinda liked it anyway:)

    ps. grandma and grandpa look amazing in that photo!!! grandparents are the best. life can be hard without them to lean on.


  18. Martha

    I love looking at old pictures of my grandparents.
    I’m sorry about mean posts :( But just always remember that you have a loving Heavenly Father and you can always turn to him :)

  19. I know just what you mean.

  20. becca

    Naomi, you inspire and stand for something big. I love your blog. Please cheer up! If I could, I run over to DC now and buy you a cup of tea.

  21. andrea

    blogging is strange sometimes. Putting yourself out there and being vulnerable. I for one really enjoy your blog! I went to gigi’s cupcakes because you recommended it. And who walked in but the lovely Gigi herself. She was very nice, of course. And I emailed her the link to your blog. We ate too many cupcakes. So thanks for that.

    We just moved to nashville 6 months ago. Everything is harder when you move. You don’t even know where you are going. You don’t have the same support network. But it’ll be worth it in the long run. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

    xxoo andrea

  22. as my faux-gangsta camp counselor once said, “whateva haters.”
    it’s a hairflip yo.

    my friend jimmy and i love your blog and always feel so inspired after reading it. there’s no possible way to read your blog and not feel super happy and motivated to go out and have adventures/do awesome things/at the very least eat cupcakes and cheeseburgers. keep on blogging!

  23. You look so much like your grandmother (facial expression especially)!
    And your blog is wonderful; you can at least be glad that you are a positive influence.

  24. you’re grandparents certainly did make a “dashing” couple…i hope you’ll stick with your blog but you’ve got to do what’s right for you. i’m sending warm thoughts your way.

  25. wow they’re like movie stars , what an gorgeous couple they are! love your blog it always cheers our day x x

  26. Erica

    you have such an inspirational and fun blog – I am addicted to it! Anyone saying anything bad must indeed be jealous of your love. Hang in there :)

  27. loois

    I think it's very cool that you have found a coping skill, being your inspiring grandparents! All anyone really wants in life is validation and it seems this is where you would find that – unconditionaly. He sure does look like a man who whistles! Very happy indeed, you can see where it comes from for you & she is utterly stunning…again I can see where that comes from for you.

    Some of the blogs I've read lately have been voicing concerns about a prevelance for negativity, it's really unfortunate that it's out there but girl, thank goodness for your blog and all the joie de vivre it brings. Thank you Naomi & Josh and the original Rockstars Barica. Way to set the bar & then rise above it.

    (can't wait for headband goodness to arrive – made the order just yesterday : )

  28. wow, you are a perfect combo of your grandfather and grandmother – i think you have his eyes. I love old photos like this.

    Today my best friend told me she has a post on her desk at work “just go with it and don’t think about it too much”. It’s been helping me get through the tough day and days ahead. You’re great and don’t let others get you down, girlie!

  29. Shelley

    You look like your Grandma! I always look forward to your blogs!

  30. Mare

    That’s a great picture. I love old pictures…especially of family.

  31. I miss them too. I wish I could remember them better. Love you Naomi. Call me sometime!

  32. I don’t know anyone in the blogging world who hasn’t wondered why they are doing it at one time or another when faced with the negativity it can sometimes bring. But you give happiness to so many people so I hope that you find your happy place and keep going!
    I for one am so glad that I have gotten to know you! You are such an amazing person with so much to offer! I wish I was in DC and could bring you some yellow tulips! They helped me after a very bad day! :)

  33. Jayne

    I feel the same way about my grandparents. When I think of them, I miss their little shack of a house and good old Filipino cooking. Yours look absolutely precious!

  34. Serena

    I can imagine how much missing them hurts. :-(

    And I love what great style folks of that generation have. I have pictures of my grandparents from that generation and love just being inspired by them.

  35. You have inspired me many ways!!! You are wonderful!

  36. lynette

    your blog is like a ray of sunshine through my morning window :)
    keep up the lovely work ~ and focus on the good stuff your blog seems to do for all of us who have left comments today.

  37. Your grandparents DEFINITELY made a dashing couple! Looks like grandma passed some flair down to you :)

  38. Bekah

    You are a beautiful girl with kind words, happy thoughts, and an inspiring blog. If only all the bloggers could follow your lead.

  39. 7upkels

    you may not remember me, i used to live just a couple streets down from you and your family only several years ago, but i just have to say that after following your blog for the past month, you MUST know how much i absolutely love your writing, your thoughts and ideas and your enthusiasm for life. you inspire so many, and i hope nothing ever prevents you from blogging again because you are truly gifted; i have always looked up to you even back when i was a beehive in young womens :) i hope you have a lovely, marvelous day!

  40. I’ve been stalking/reading your blog for a while now; and i must say you are quite the inspiration. i’ve even given you a shout out in my blog, telling people how superb your blog is…

    you life is so filled with love; and i must say – that’s beautiful.

    words are only words; but it’s only the ones that come from the right place that matter.

    ::sunny skies::

  41. jess

    honey don’t let them get to you, i know negitivity and nastiness is difficult to let go off but lady you are loved and adored by so many. I love reading you blog i check it out every day and it always puts a smile on my face.

    your so inspirational and fun not to mention gorgous (husbands a bit of a hottie too). Everthing you do is golden.

    keep your chin up girl your better them!!!!!

    fab photo by the way, i have a whole bunch of b+w and sepia pics of my grandfolks on the wall, i love the elegance back then.


  42. Naomi. my very dear lovely Naomi!
    you make many people happy everyday.
    you make our days lovable and shiny.
    you make us smile.
    you bring a simple darling happiness to our lives.
    you are our inspiration in this blogging world.
    you make us think about ourselves little more.
    you make us think about our loves little more!

    … please. please keep blogging. and forget all the hatefulness in this world. our world has so much toughness and sadness … but we’ve started blogging to show the bright and lovely side of it… ain’t it our job to do?!


  43. Stylish Grandparents indeed! I too miss mine terribly. I wish that could I seek their wisdom, and their words of encouragement during troubled times. Just think of the joyous reunion you’ll have someday! ;)

  44. They look like movie stars!

    Take care of yourself, girlie :)

  45. Jamie

    I love you and your blog way too much. I don’t even know you. So when I read this, I thought NOOOOOOO! Please don’t be sad Taza. Please no!

    Last month, while you were in Utah I saw you and a friend (or maybe your sister, I don’t know) inside Happy Sumo. I tripped when I saw you. I did a little speed walk to the door and whispered to my friend that we HAD TO GET OUT OF THERE. I just never imagined my first meeting of Taza starting out with a trip. So hopefully next time you are in Happy Sumo I will bump into you again, and I will be wearing the coolest thing I own and be sporting my own pair of stained lips and a cool head band. I also won’t trip. And we’ll become fast friends.


  46. oh and I have something to say about you and your grand parents :
    you have your grandma’s eyes, and her look and her lips in a very wonderful way! :)
    {oh and your little Isaac is so much like your grandpa!}
    Are they your father’s parents right?


  47. i have been reading your blog for a month and find our lives strangely parallel.
    I think you are adorable and wish my husband and I were in DC because I think the four of us would be great real life friends. You are so sweet and full of sunshine. I love your headbands and all you create. I also love the way your share your beliefs in a classy, humble manner. You make your grandparents proud.



  48. Whitney

    Sorry that mean people have you down, I completely agree with you though. “Why can’t we be friends” is playing in my mind though. That’s too bad that some people feel like they have to blast others on their blogs.

    You should just know that you’re blog is completely fabulous. And I really appreciate what a great example you and Josh are of marriage and the Church!

    Umm and could you PLEASE sometime do a “Styling with Taza” post? In fact you could make it a weekly thing. You wear the best clothes and I love that you are still covering up the “g’s” and looking so fab!

  49. Meg

    I’m sure you have heard this before, but you look so much like your grandmother! She does look like a beautiful, classy woman. Clearly these traits are passed down through the generations.

    Your blog is wonderful, and a highlight of my day. I look forward to your posts everyday. Thank you for your uplifting, inspiring and fun content.

    I know what you mean about so many people attacking others in their blog, which is part of why people are so drawn to yours. We know we will only read positive things.

    Thank you and keep posting! You have so many people who love it and love the person you are.

  50. You strike me as someone who already knows this. But I’ll say it anyway. (By the way, I agree with you about the over zealous bloggers that exhude negativity, who crapped in their shoes, anyway?) But, the world needs all the positive reinforcement it can get. And if your blog can help keep other people positve and smiling (as it clearly does, based soley off of all the comments above), then why cease?! You’ve made a positive impact in a world that can be so negative! Not that I thought it sounded like you were going to give up on the blogging world, but it is my 2 cents. :-)


    PS, Nice to meet you.

  51. I accidentally stumbled across your blog recently. Although I don’t know, I felt privileged to have an insight into your lovely little world. Your beautiful words, ideas and pictures inspired me to start my own blog, which I did last week! So please don’t stop – you are an inspiration to us all Naomi! Wendy.xx

  52. kamille

    hope you’re doing better!

  53. Well, I work at an inner-city (quite ghetto) school and what we say around here is, “Haters to the left.”

    I love, love, love your blog. Your images are beautiful and your writing is inspired. (And that’s coming from a writing teacher!)

    P.S. Your grandparents look quite dapper.

  54. Jasmine

    i love old pictures! i’m sorry you miss your grandparents. :(

    i just awarded you on my blog! maybe doing a fun list of things you love will get you back into the swing of things with your blogging!

  55. LMT

    wow, I didn’t realize your blog was so frequently commented on. That is great. I also realized that I never comment. I just thought of you and thought I’d say hi. That is all. NY misses you, perhaps you can feel it? Do me a favor (I wish I could go this weekend) go fly a kite on The Mall. We were there last year for the Kite Festival and ever since when the wind blows (which is a lot by where I live) I wish I could be in DC to fly a kite.

    Take care!

  56. Hit 40

    Beautiful photo of your grandparents!

    I can not decide which picture was funnier – dressed up at costco or your hubby with the easter basket.

  57. Just so you know… the woman next to grandma is our great grandma poppy, She hadn’t married grandpa john yet. And next to grandpa is his mom, suzanna michelic and his step-dad, michelic.

  58. don’t leave us. I haven’t been comenting much, but have been reading, every day, numerous times. your voice is so refreshing and true. your inner beauty so strong. don’t go. if you need a reason to blog, I can relate to that. but you have a reason: we need you!


  59. You are truly lovely. Please keep writing! I am inspired by your words, and helpful advice about living in NYC (my husband is a Columbia U hopeful!)

    love, lizzy

  60. love the photo… you’ve got great genes!

    and turn that frown upside down (oh wait, the fro-yo and husband did that for you)! whatever it is that the mean girls in the blogosophere have to say doesn’t really matter. envy does strange things to people…

    your blog is uplifting and inspiring. i check for updates twice a day! wow. now i sound like a stalker. d’oh.

  61. you’re absolutely right about your grandparents. they make a stunning couple. love the photo. =]

    and about the blogging trouble. don’t let immature people get you down. i find an immense amount of joy in following your blog.

  62. I know how you feel Naomi! You’re Ukrainian too? Don’t feel like you have to blog if you don’t want to ;) Take a few days off to soak up DC and think of family. My prayers with you. -Katrina

  63. what a beauty!

  64. ukranian cooking?
    was your grandmother from urkaine by any chance?
    just curious, because thats where i’m from, so ya. :]
    lovee your blog! :]