1. that was beautiful! i especially enjoyed the last two minutes. wonderful.

  2. Ivy

    very cool! i love the end. i’m sure you and josh will make an incredible short film! can’t wait!

  3. Martha

    How lovely! I can’t wait for your short film!

  4. I love the styling of the home in the background. Can’t wait for your film!

  5. tigrena

    this is beautiful – does anyone know who the music is by?

  6. Sarah


  7. ao amazing!

  8. this is so brilliant…im speechless!

  9. sheila

    that was fun to watch. looks fun to create too. Do make a film! I’m sure it will be great.

  10. Shawn

    That was sooooo great! So fun to watch the different stop action tricks and going backwards—Loved it!