it’s the little things we get so excited about it!

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… like, costco!
we can now drive the few miles to costco
and save lots of money on groceries & things!
we couldn’t do that very easily living in NYC…
we spent a few hours there today because of our excitement.
although we admit it was a little overwhelming too…
the only problem was trying to figure out
how to get 3 months worth of food into our little trunk.
it’s the tiniest trunk on earth. seriously.

oh, and happy easter!!!
  1. You are 2 cute! Hope you and that hubby of yours have a very happy easter.

    BTW, my blog is private but I will send you an invite incase you ever want to take a peek!

  2. Ariel

    my mom had the same problem at costco whenshe had a vw bug too!! the trunk is SO itty bitty! by the way, i would love to know how you braid your hair like that??

  3. lynette

    oooohh there’s nothing like a costco size of honey-nut cheerios :)

  4. Emmy

    I love/hate Costco. Such great deals but always so many impulse buys too, like the big tubs of licorice :)

  5. Diana

    I love Costco. The challenge isn’t the trunk, it’s figuring out how to store 93 rolls of toilet paper and such.

  6. Holy guacamole you guys don’t really eat all that food in a week! ( do you?)

  7. Meg Fee

    3 months of food?! the thing about having a costco that you can drive to is that you can go more than every 3 months…right?!

    miss you, love you…tell josh i said hi

  8. yes yes meg, we’ll be going more often than every 3 months. and no no no, this food will last possibly longer than 3 months maggie may. while we love food, there is no way we could consume all of this in one week.

  9. you can eat all that lettuce before it goes bad?? Every time I buy that pack I have to share it with the neighbors, or become a rabbit.

    Tell your ways!

  10. LOVE the hair! I love Costco too.

  11. Sarah

    So proud of the fruit and veggies I see in your cart. Good job Naomi!

  12. Sum

    How do you always look so glamorous? Even on a trip to Costco? Love Costco, by the way. Your hair and lipstick is amazing (like always)!

  13. des

    um, its the mom in me but you might want to blur out your license plate. just to be safe.


  14. Haha, if you lived in Montana, we’d be best friends. I ALWAYS get excited to go to Costco!

  15. brooke

    where did you get that adorable dress?!

  16. blot out liscense plate?

  17. love your beetle :) this makes me want to go shopping at massive department stores that offer great bargains

  18. becca

    Naomi girl,
    You should blur your license plate. You’re just too popular and famous and this makes me nervous.

    LoVe you.

  19. Thanks everyone for the reminders to blot out our plates. Totally didn’t even think about it. Happy easter to everyone!!! And happy sunday!


  20. Is that car pink? LOL I can’t tell from the pic. It’s so cute though, and so very YOU!

    I think you’re going to have to roll the top down and start carrying supplies on your head in a basket with a chin strap… Yah, I’m full of great, yet strangely questionable ideas.

    Hey, another idea! Have you ever thought about starting an online dance class. Create a website, enter clips of dance moves and various choreography, and people pay for the clips, lessons, etc. You could also offer real time lessons as well with streaming vid. Kids would love it, including big kids like me.

    Anyway, too much thinking for today. Have a great weekend. :)


  21. Nino

    love, love, love your blog:)))
    you are amazing really!!
    greetings from Georgia

  22. Emily

    Costco is across the street from my school so everyone goes over and buys hot dogs for lunch. Costco is so much fun! Happy Easter!

  23. is that a french braid you have going on? love it! costcos is always overwhelming. it is a marathon not a sprint. you must come prepared!!!

  24. You look so cute shopping at Costco. I’d be embarrassed to share photos of me shopping there. I usually have big, baggy sweats, no make up, and some kind of ugly shoes. I’m not sure why, but I always end up at Costco after a long day of cleaning. And I always run into someone I wish I hadn’t.
    At Costco in Sandy, UT, I always run into polygamist families. I follow them around completely fascinated by their hair.

  25. Rock It

    You look so totally awesome in these pictures…you have some great style and hair….I seriously want to do that to my hair now.

  26. Thanks for the comment on my blog re: nyc. Had an amazing time there, love that city. It was so lovely to follow your adventures in ny, hope you are loving your new city and the easy access to Costco, of course.

  27. becky

    Amen, AMEN! Costco really does bring sunshine to my soul (except when I go on a Saturday! UGH!) I love all of the treasures you can find on every isle.

    Welcome to D.C! You just upped the city’s style quotient by A LOT! :)

  28. I love costco!!!

  29. you look ohmygosh so cute ahhh i want to beeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu in that dress sdfhdafkjghjakfdgh

  30. Where’d you get that fabulous dress? It’s so pretty :)

  31. How come you look so cute when you go to costco?

  32. ohh you look like anna friel here. dorbs!

  33. Maddy

    Alright. I know I'm super behind, but I was browsing old blog entries of my followed blogs today and came across this, and I just have to say THANK YOU for posting this! My boy and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Costco. We go there to eat ($7 for 2 huge slices of pizza, free refills on drinks and soft serve ice cream? yes, please) and shop and always spend at least 2 hours there.

    I got a little excited when I saw this, hence why I felt the need to post about it 7 months later, haha.


  34. kristin

    You're our kinda peeps. We love that place! They have one in Manhattan now. We have to Zipcar it, but hopeful oneday soon we will have a little car of our own too.

  35. kristin

    You're our kinda peeps. We love that place! They have one in Manhattan now. We have to Zipcar it, but hopeful oneday soon we will have a little car of our own too.

  36. Patricia

    Oh my goodness, where is that adorable dress from?!?