1. Ashley

    haha, i think some grey is pretty sexy as well.. cute pic and love your sunglasses!

  2. he’s going to be one sexy old man! ha ha

  3. Shawn

    Such a serious cutie guy…

  4. Dan has gray in his beard too :)

  5. Jasmine

    hahaha! awesome! his grey patch looks wonderful.

    my Levi’s had some greys this year too. we saved the first one. he has some grand idea about finding a tiny frame with black velvet matting to stick it in.

  6. i always thought hugh laurie was a hot old guy, i wouldnt mind a man who looked like that at that age! gotta love some grey on a man

  7. you guys are so adorable.

  8. so adorable..I am crushing on your shirt, or is that a dress? you have the cutest clothes!
    Happy Easter!

  9. the {love}’s hair began to grey; and I LOVE it! he’s just 25. how old is Josh?!
    and I’m wondering… how many sun-glasses you own?! :D


  10. Amy Joy

    I love grey too! My husband is going grey at the age of 23 (shhhh), I think it makes a man even hotter! xx

  11. awww, my josh also has greying stubble (which i dig)… but he likes to rub it on my face while chanting, “pumice stone…” hope your josh doesn’t do the same!

    btw, love the new car… it’s adorable! looks like a marshmallow :)

  12. m good

    Salt and pepper just gives it all bit of extra flavoring! I color but I don’t ever want my husband to color his hair — he looks gorgeous just the way he is. :)

  13. Rosalie

    My man has a little patch in his beard in almost the same place. I love a man with grey too :)

  14. I absolutely adore your blog. You and your husband are too cute to be true. (–,)

    Hope you can drop by my blog too. (–,)


  15. I agree… Grey on a guy is pretty sexy! :)

  16. Oh my gosh Naomi! I pulled out 2 grey hairs last month! I SHOULD NOT be going grey yet….

  17. lauren

    me too! love love the gray! men with gray are irresistible!

  18. My guy to has grey in his scruff!
    Just curious, are you making more headbands, what is the link to your etsy shop again? :)

  19. My BF is starting to grey a bit (at 25) and he is so embarrassed. I definitely think its adorable, we call it “distinguished.”
    Hope you had a Happy Easter!

  20. How funny! I noticed that Hub had some grey whiskers this weekend!!

  21. i’ve always loved the grey too!!

    too bad it doesn’t work the same for us :)

  22. My boyrfriend’s hair is getting almost completely grey! He’s been going greay since he was 18. He keeps dying over it but he’s finally going to just leave it!

  23. haha my boyfriends blading . he makes me take pictures of the top of his head everyday. i think its funny.

  24. Monica

    i’ve just discovered your blog through StumbleUpon. i love it! and i’m with you re: the grey thing. my man’s got a full salt and pepper head.

    you’re both adorable. thanks for sharing!


  25. Mandi

    My husband, who will be 24 next week, is probably 1/3 grey and I looveeee it! :)