1. Glad I know you well enough to know you’re talking about free Diet Coke refills and not alchohol.

    Love you!

  2. jslvr.

    we tried a new pizza place tonight. it just opened up in our target plaza. they had a soda fountain out in the dining room, but would not allow you to refill your drinks. i thought they were being super nice. come to find out, refills were not free. i guess they would have been free had we gotten the refills ourselves. ridiculous. thought i’d share. (:

  3. jslvr.

    we went to a new pizza place up the street tonight. they had a coke machine out in the dining room, but the wouldn’t allow you to refill your drinks. i thought they were just being nice.. come to find, refills weren’t free. guess had we filled them ourselves, they wouldn’t have been able to charge us. ridiculous. thought i’d share. (:

  4. In Utah, it couldn’t be alcohol!

  5. Amen girl! May the tap continue to flow long with Diet Coke {in my case at least!}

    We had a friend visiting from London, who got the BIGGEST kick out of the fact that he could have all the Coca Cola he wanted. He was in heaven, and we just laughed!

    Glad you’re enjoying your stay!

  6. I understand! I study in Switzerland and water here costs 4 CHF! It is heaven to be home in the summer and have free drink refills! And a tall glass and cheap price to begin with!!!!

  7. amen. amen.

    with crushy ice.

    i take it you’re back on the diet coke bandwagon?

  8. while in new york last week i went to a restaurant that gave complimentary bruschetta appetizers and tons of delish breadsticks….and wouldn’t refill my coke. which would cost them…what?…five cents? not even that. so so so weird.

  9. Josh

    AMEN! I can’t wait!

  10. I’m from Springville…where are these boutiques? Are they on the old back road between Springville and Spanish Fork?