i love this girl more than cupcakes.

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this is sarah roberts.
she is one of my best friends.
she is also one of the most beautiful people i know,
both inside and out.
(like i’ve said before, i only have pretty friends.)
we went to juilliard together and now she is dancing
professionally in chicago (but she’s actually on tour right now…)
anyway, today is her birthday and she is 23!
so happy birthday my love!!
thank you for being such a wonderful friend and person!
i wish you were here so we could nuzzle nuzzle!
josh and i loooove you!
isn’t she captivating?
  1. Happy 23rd to Sarah! :)

    & Good Luck to her on her dance tour, how exciting?!

    p.s. you most definitely have pretty friends! ;)

  2. Sarah

    thank you i miss you!!!! hi Josh!

  3. Carolyn

    yeah girl!!!!

    haha happy birthday!

    man this is a great picture of sarah!!

  4. mary

    all of your friends are beautiful.

    question. where in brooklyn do you get those huge red balloons? I have a bday party for my 3 year old coming up. love the blog.

  5. Meg Fee

    oh my that photo is sick. i love this girl. i miss you all terribly!

  6. Randi

    She is absolutely stunning. A definite beauty!

  7. Jasmine

    she’s gorgeous! happy birthday, sarah!

  8. Captivating, indeed! It makes me feel bad that she is my same age and has achieved such beauty and taken such a lovely photograph. I feel like I should get on the ball about that! (totally kidding)

  9. Martha

    She is so beautiful!

  10. i thought it was an old black and white photo at first.

    she is so, so captivating.

    (i just love the post below! :)

  11. this is a beautiful shot.
    you’re such a sweet friend.

  12. She’s gorgeous!!!
    Well it would make sense that all your friends are pretty….have you looked in a mirror lately????
    You’re STUNNING!

  13. gorgeous!

  14. Brett

    I love her too. She is amazing.

  15. She is gorgeous!

  16. m good

    Yes, you have beautiful friends. But then, beauty begets beauty — both inside and out. :) M

  17. Saskia

    I found your blog through Nina and I’m so glad I did!!

    Your friend is beautiful… what a gorgeous photo!

    Saskia x

  18. awww, happy birthday!

    she is stunning:)

  19. That picture is truly captivating.