i can’t wait for this moment someday when that baby in the photo is actually ours…

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this is my husband, josh..
throwing a baby we do not really know up in the air
last weekend at the wedding in arizona.
{i love seeing him go crazy over the babies…}
this is one of the many many reasons
i cannot wait to have children someday with this man…
because it gives me so much comfort to know
that he will be by my side as we raise them,
and that he will be one exceptionally loving father.
  1. This photo makes me heart just melt! :)

  2. this picture is too precious…and i can only imagine how lovely your children will be.

  3. This photo made me want to cry, and then reading what you wrote actually MADE ME CRY!! I love you so much Naomi and when that day does come, you will be the coolest, most hip and loving mother around. Your kids are gonna be so blessed!! (I just said, SO BLESSED. Gosh stop making me emotional).

  4. And we should talk sometime on gchat or the phone. Been ages.

  5. Cheryl

    Love the Photo.

    Now I’m all curious when the rockstar couple will have a baby. Is that too inappropriate to ask being a stranger? I just love your posts and this topic.

  6. since I actually know you am I allowed to say “hurry up and make some hot babies?”


  7. Shelley

    Awww! such a great picture. I bet you two will have beautiful babies someday! don’t worry they will love you just as much, how could they not?

  8. they will love you both equally! :-)

  9. Brooke

    Starting a family was the best decision I have ever made! Hubby and I have grown even closer (which seems impossible) Its amazing.

  10. aw. that is a stunning photo! :]

  11. ah what a cute photo! i love it

  12. now that is a cute shot (and i’m glad he caught the baby!)

  13. kat

    babies scare me but this is uber cute!

  14. precious!

  15. becca

    So sweet! Who’s the baby??

  16. m good

    You have lovely babies, then you blink and they are in their 30s. Oh, but what a wonderful ride it is. :) M

  17. there is nothing like parenthood.
    you become a little team that learns, loves, and grows together everyday.
    together being the key word.
    you will make a wonderful mother.

    (well, i don’t actually know you, haha, but with words like that you don’t leave much room for doubt)

  18. Anne.

    “throwing a baby we do not really know up in the air”


  19. jslvr.

    how cute is this? i have a picture somewhere of my nephew crawling all over my husband and kicking him and sitting on his head while he was trying to relax on the couch. my husband just sat there. i envied his patience at that moment, because.. well, i don’t think i would have just sat there. (;

  20. Thais

    I’m with you… Tyler does the same with babies. He loves kids.

  21. jones

    i feel the same. and that is such a great moment captured!

  22. Having a baby has been the wildest ride…love at first sight, that’s all I got to say.

  23. AmyK

    Now THAT is something for sure to look forward to. Fab.
    I cracked up at “baby we do not really know.” Bahaha, sweetness.

  24. sweetness!

  25. this is hilarious, oh and adorable.

  26. Jessica

    Oh my! That melts my heart!

  27. Rachel

    I love this photo. There’s something about watching my husband play with my nephews like this that breaks my heart a little each time!

  28. The way you put that title makes it seem like you are planning on stealing THAT particular baby. I certainly hope the parents don’t read this. :-P

  29. so sweet:)

  30. This so lovely and touching. Xoxo.

  31. janis

    this is so lovely to read now – because you're parents! yay!

  32. ayley

    this post was bookmarked because of it's sweetness and it's so cute to read now! especially since you have a nearly identical photo of your own :)

  33. You're probably not even reading this anymore but I just went through your blog(im really trying not to sound like a creep) and I found this article and I just went asfgsdjkafh over it because there are countless pictures of him doing this with Eleanor. You are a wonderful family!