home again.

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we’re home again in dc.
we arrived late last night from our little road trip. 
and thanks again to everyone who gave us tips and info 
on the cities we visited! we wish we had more time in each place 
to really check out all your recommendations, 
but the recommendations we did do, we LOVED.
we’re so excited to get back to everything here in dc.
and there are so many photos and videos we need to upload!
but for now i am getting back to work, 
unpacking the remainder of our boxes from our quick move 
and maybe napping this afternoon.
p.s. these were the only polaroids we took 
before i broke my polaroid camera. 
but i already ordered a new one 
on amazon so i can breathe again… 
 happy weekend!
  1. i love that you had a little road trip across the country. my parents did that when they were young and i still hear fun stories about their travels.

  2. Looks like you two had a blast! I am excited to see even more pics and videos!

    p.s. sad about the polaroid! How did that happen?

  3. Lidia

    looks like u had lots of fun!! the pictures are amazing! =)i think ur cool!

  4. Mare

    Great blog. I just became a follower.


  5. Can’t wait to see all your wonderful pics from your adventure!

    Have a great weekend!!!

  6. so glad that you had a wonderful trip!

  7. Martha

    Love these Polaroids! Where are you still getting film from??

  8. i wish i had a way to get my polaroids on the computer… they are so fantastic! le sigh. glad your roadtrip went so well though! :)

  9. i dropped the polaroid. now it takes two photos at a time and neither one develops properly. it was the saddest moment in my life.

    and i buy film online. B&H; photo and Amazon have plenty of film still stock up!!!

  10. jomama

    these are great. i’ve been wanting a polaroid camera for the longest time! what kind do you have?

  11. the pictures are so cute. love it. did your polaroid camera have a self timer or did someone take that photo for you guys?

  12. Sum

    I’m happy you had a wonderful time! :)

  13. happy weekend! xo.

  14. too cute. glad you had a fun safe trip!

  15. Emie

    Sounds silly, but I’ve not been active in the Mormon church since I was in high school, thanks to blogs like yours, C Jane’s and Nie Nie’s I remember why my faith was such an important part of my life! Thank you for being such an example and reminding me what’s important in life.
    I’ve also come across your twin sisters’ blog and what a wonderful family you have! Beautiful, smart indivduals!
    Best to you all!

  16. HollyG

    I am in love with your blog and live in the DC area! :-) let me know if you want an exploring partner, because I’m still trying to find the quirktastic artsy lovely community that I left behind in NYC 9 months ago… :-)
    PS book recommendation if you like essays and are in the mood for something highbrow: Cleopatra’s Nose by Judith Thurman.

  17. Welcome back home ;] I loved your travel blog..

  18. Carin

    Loved your road trip! My husband and I moved to DC from Texas last September and took the same trip. So fun… I should’ve looked sooner and recommended Pigeon Forge Tenn. It was the funnest place we’ve every been! But it’s a road trip all in itself… you could stay and play for days! Have fun exploring DC, we love it! :)

  19. I’m glad you have a new camera on the way! If you two have children, they will get such a kick out of having a photojournal of their parents relationship.

    Looks like you had a great trip. Let me know if you ever come through NC. If you can handle a crazy 3 year old, you’re more than welcome to stay and see the Raleigh area.

  20. Sarah

    I want to be you.

  21. I so so so so so wish that I could have fixed your video camera before you left. Did you end up getting any road trip video footage?

    kiss kiss kiss (3 like the Brazilians)

  22. How was Dallas? I want to hear what you did here! Hopefully you had some wonderful food/shopped. We Dallasites are good at eating and shopping!