here’s to happiness {by marci}

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this is marci. i love this girl.  she is a dear friend from nyc who is still there, holding down the fort with her husband. i’m really thankful to have marci as my friend… she has helped me get through a lot and i’m thankful for her christ-like example and support. she’s just a lovely lady!

here is marci’s little list of 10 things which make her terribly happy:
  1. gardening on my balcony
  2. beautiful stationery
  3. husband walking me to the elevator
  4. beautiful libraries
  5. spring sandals
  6. letters from my grandpa
  7. a dishwasher & a washer/dryer
  8. good mexican food
  9. green paint
  10. hearing  weimaraner gunther bark every time i’m on the phone with my mom
also, marci is a genius with her diana camera. 
{the diana is the sister camera to the holga}.
i love these black and white photos she took as well as these ones.
thanks marci!! 
please go eat a levain cookie for me this week!
  1. Well thank you my dear! Levain cookies would be a great study break…

  2. Teresa

    Oh, what a fabulous shot of the flatiron. Love it.

  3. Diana

    oh i love this! thanks for sharing her, i have about every accessory to my diana camera (now on my fifth one from wear and tear). i love her photos!

  4. b

    i’m so happy to see you featured marci, i just love her. she’s a doll.

  5. Beautiful libraries is excellent.

  6. Cute! I’ve known Marci for about ten years (I actually found your blog through hers) and this list fits her to a T.

  7. Love it! I can completely relate with – husband walking me to the elevator – love when they are so overly protective!!! xoxox

  8. Marci is my BFF… so glad to see her “featured” on your blog!

  9. lovely list!