here’s to happiness {by jasmine}

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meet jasmine. she and her boyfriend levi are absolutely adorable. they live in a tiny studio apartment in southern california and obviously love the little things a whole lot. we’ve never met, but i adore her blog and know if we did, we’d be wonderful friends. 

here is jasmine’s 10 little things that make her terribly happy:

 1. cream cheese frosting
 2. getting caught singing my heart out in my car
 3. perfect pirouettes
 4. when levi sketches me
 5. ranunculus
 6. when my ipod is psychic
 7. levi’s spontaneous “i love yous”, hugs & kisses
 8. smiles from strangers
 9. regina spektor
thanks jasmine!!
 check out her darling blog and if you’d like, 
send me your little list of happiness!
*and thank you to everyone who has sent in their little list
they had me skipping by the end of the night because they were so fun to read 
and full of such love for living! 
i desperately wish to publish all of your lists 
but i received over a few hundred emailed responses 
so i don’t know if we can get all of them on the blog, 
but we shall see…(i’m determined…)
  1. Micaela

    TOTALLY CUTE!!!! and suuuch a cute idea. Thanks N for introducing us to another must-read blog! xo

  2. Sarah

    i love that you are featuring these happy posts! i read through the comments on yours and they also made me very happy! i will have to write out a list today and send it over. what a great exercise!

    and your friend sarah in the post below is so pretty! we share the same name so makes me excited!! you are such a nice friend to always remember your close friends birthdays!

  3. I saw her blog the other day after seeing a cute comment she made and thought it was wonderful too!! xo

  4. katie

    cream cheese frosting is an excellent thing – wish i had thought of it :)

  5. CAPow

    what a great list!

  6. she’s a cutie. my ipod was psychic this morning on the way to class. i loved it!

  7. Diana

    *i love jasmine*

  8. erin

    just had cream cheese frosting. so. good.

  9. emma

    So totally awesome that Regina Spektor is on your list, Jasmine! Regina would be my number 1, 2, 3 etc :]

  10. adorable!