here’s to happiness {by emily}

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do you already know emily from her ever so stylish blog, cupcakes & cashmere? she lives quite a fashionable life over in california and just opened her own etsy shop too! i simply adore her style. it’s lovely.

here is emily’s little list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:
  1.  rainy weekend mornings
  2.  black licorice jelly bellys
  3.  buying flowers at the farmers’ market
  4.  cold days at the beach
  5.  getting cards in the mail
  6.  eating cotton candy
  7.  pretty wine labels
  8.  new boxes of crayons
  9.  the smell of jasmine
  10.  san francisco fog 
thanks for playing emily!
i also love me some new crayons
and hope to experience the sf fog in person soon!!!
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  2. m good

    These are so much fun taking a peak into what people love — maybe because those are the same things I love but had not put them into words. :) M

  3. erin

    oh! we have almost all the same little happies! (minus the black licorice jelly beans…you can have mine!)

  4. jamie

    After a stressful day yesterday, I read you blog with its many “heres to happiness” lists, and it inspired me to post one of my own on my blog:)
    Thanks for the positivity! Its just what I needed to read.

  5. thank you for including me and for hosting such a fabulous feature! xoxo

  6. I love all those things, especially farmer’s market. Thanks for including Emily, her blog is amazing!

  7. Good ones! Getting cards in the mail makes me happy too. No one sends mail any more!!

  8. I love emily! i met her at a la blogger thing last week and shes a doll!!

    and cotton candy is fab