here’s to happiness {by chelsea}

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i love the blog frolic!, which the ever so creative and inspirational chelsea is behind. she has such an eye for beauty and lovely things…i especially love her polaroids with flowers {see here and here}.

and here is chelsea’s little list of 10 things that make her terribly happy:
  1. cheese
  2. polaroid camera
  3. discovering a new band
  4. flowers
  5. my job(s)
  6. family
  7. islands
  8. my grannies
  9. a fabulous vintage find for cheapity-cheap!
  10. picnics
thanks for playing, chelsea!
  1. ah…cheese and picnics! I agree.

  2. I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and it’s just great! A new favorite :-)

  3. I just want you to know how much I am enjoying these!

  4. chelsea

    Thanks for including me, Naomi!I love your blog!!

  5. Hi Naomi, Chelsea’s blog is amazing. Thanks for posting about it.

  6. Every time I think about your little list I create, and recreate, mine and I always have cheese on the top of my list! Chelsea sounds perfect!

  7. erin

    love! especially #9.

  8. Gorgeous photos

  9. I made up my own list! Thank you for the inspiration. You are lovely and I enjoy your blog! I have been thinking about making cupcakes, or at least buying some at a darling bakery. I wonder why.

  10. oh, oh! i am loving all the lists. it took me a while to play catch up.

  11. Shayla

    These lists are making me SO happy… and I’m only reading them! I only have a typical “Mormon Mommy Blog” and you inspire me! You really are a rockstar!

  12. Shayla

    Oh, and may I link to you in a post? I feel like I should be sharing your awesomeness with all my friends too :)

  13. love that she put ‘cheapity cheap’ in # 9….so cute (happens to be a favourite of mine too)