here’s to happiness.

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  1. wearing husbands sweatshirt
  2. watching ducks cross my street at 6:30 in the morning
  3. fresh flowers
  4. otter pops
  5. pretending i can walk in 6 inch heels
  6. our fridge stocked with polaroid film
  7. writing letters
  8. reading about elephants
  9. yawning
  10. kissing husband
what makes you terribly happy?
maybe you should email me your list of 10 little things
and i might feature it here!
here’s to happiness.
and the little things.
{photo via smosch}
  1. Sarah

    1. my boyfriend
    2. my mama
    3. my hair stylist
    4. my silk sheets
    5. my lap top
    6. my new camera
    7. naomi’s blog
    8. my blog
    9. my faith in jesus christ
    10. engagement rings!

  2. katie

    i love lists like this :)

    1. tony, and finally living together
    2. cold brewed iced coffee
    3. knowing i can run a 5k no problem now – well most of the time at least ;)
    4. the life cafe in bushwick
    5. sunny weekend days & wearing flip flops and dresses
    6. having a new magazine to read
    7. cupcakes & chocolate
    8. broken in summer shoes
    9. living in new york city
    10. having dinner parties now that there is a dining room table in my apartment :)

  3. 1.eating the fruit out of sangria by the pool
    2.falling asleep to thunder road by bruce springsteen
    3.painting cherry blossoms
    4.playing capture the flag on the university of florida campus
    5.tracing his collar bones with my fingers in the morning
    6.laughing so hard I don’t make noise anymore
    7.lace dress from the 70’s
    10. knowing this time next week i’ll be in france!

  4. kimmib

    1) cottage cheese/fruit combos.
    2) nap time.
    3) holga photography.
    4) making mix-tapes.
    5) finger nail polish.
    6) old photographs of my mom.
    7) driving.
    8) the film Amelie.
    9) rosebud salve.
    10) random festivals.

  5. Lindsay

    1. going out for ice cream
    2. puppies
    3. singing my heart out in the car
    4. shopping with my boyfriend (even when I don’t buy anything)
    5. fountain pop
    6. homemade chocolate chip cookies
    7. pictures of Paris
    8. planning vacations
    9. walking around my college campus
    10. flowers

  6. I did this on my blog too-I hope you don’t mind. I’d been feeling kind of down in the dumps and thought it might be good to look at some things I’m grateful for :)

  7. Stevi

    In no particular order….

    1-Singing in my car at the top of my lungs.
    2-Dancing around my room in my skivees.
    3-Laughing so hard I cry
    4-Watching reruns of Monk and Golden Girls with my mom when I visit
    5-Finding a cause I am passionate about and getting others involved
    6-Getting picture messages from sister of niece
    7-Watching kid shows with roommates
    8-Tae Bo
    9-Thinking of songs I would sing if I were on American Idol
    10-Road Trips

  8. Carolyn

    -my kids morning breath
    -keeping a plant alive
    -opening the blinds in the morning
    -hot sourdough bread
    -wind chimes
    -mango gelato
    -wind blown hair
    -my husbands scruff
    -fresh sheets
    -the end of a long run

  9. I will email you my list:)

    yours is lovely

  10. Kera

    1. sitting in my plastic lawn chair in my front lawn, letting the sun hit my face
    2. waking up to my two year old crawling in bed to snuggle
    3. the anticipation of my hubs coming up the driveway
    3. vanilla snow cones with extra cream in the dead of summer
    4. freshly shaven legs
    5. not wearing makeup and feeling confident
    6. mint tea
    7. pretty paper
    8. freshly painted nails
    9. fresh baked bread
    10. a nice long deep breath.


  11. jesska

    1. fingerless mittens
    2. bon iver
    3. soy chai lattes
    4. anything about new york city
    5. drive-in movies
    6. beach holidays
    7. my macbook
    8. polaroid photos
    9. red wine in winter
    10. black boots

  12. I found your blog not too long ago and I love it! You and your husband are adorable and you both seem so happy together. Here is my list of 10 things (I loved thinking about this, I came up with a lot more than 10) that make me happy:
    1. Sitting on the couch talking to my fiance about anything and everything
    2. My family. Everything about them. They amaze me daily
    3. Sunshine
    4. Laying on the beach with my eyes closed while listening to everything around me
    5. Getting surprise flowers, dates, notes, etc. from my love
    6. Planning my wedding
    7. Cute shoes
    8. Eating fresh strawberries, watermelon, pineapple, bascially any fruit
    9. Traveling
    10. My religion

  13. Krista

    1.vanilla ice (from rita’s. not the singer)
    2.taking deep breaths next to the ocean
    3.a great new hair cut baby laughing (
    5.affordable antique shops
    6.thinking of you cards
    7.people watching
    8.fall leaves
    9.cuddling with my baby after his bath
    10.big front porches with swings

    its always good to make a list like this once in awhile. thank you!

  14. S

    1. snuggling in the morning after the alarm goes off.
    2. watching my kitten play.
    3. laughing with my children when they tease me.
    4. those ridiculously rich and sugary cookies at the grocery store bakery with frosting on them.
    5. Going out for breakfast.
    6. Talking to my sister on the phone.
    7. the feeling after I have cleaned the house and it looks nice!
    8. drawing with charcoal or chalk
    9. getting a high score on bejeweled blitz.
    10. gardening.

  15. Ashley

    A few days late but thats ok. :)

    my 10 things:

    1.Warm summer nights
    2.Rainy mornings
    3.frozen yogurt
    4.Big City lights
    5.Classic Rock n’ Roll
    6.The women in my family (sisters, cousins, mom, grandmas,aunts, etc)
    7.The food network!
    8.Loving text messages especially from my babe.
    9.Going out to breakfast
    10.New Zealand.. anything kiwi!

  16. I’m a little late, as well… but I’ve been trying to be more positive lately, and this is the best way to start! :)

    1. Waking up to “good morning” text messages from my long-distance boyfriend
    2. Live music
    3. making other people happy.
    4. pink lemonade
    5. my dogs always wanting to be next to me
    6. escaping to my small hometown, even if only for an afternoon
    7. clean sheets
    8. back-roading around the dirt-roads of southern oklahoma/north texas
    9. sno-cones
    10. watching my little brother succeed.

  17. 1. thunderstorms outside, sleeping inside
    2. saying hi to cows
    3. lighting candles
    4. painting my fingernails
    5. burying my face in a baby’s neck
    6. stopping to look at my framed pictures
    7. chips and queso
    8. memories of my dad
    9. writing letters and receiving them too
    10. the ocean

  18. Randi

    What a wonderfully fabulous idea. It has been fun reading through everyone’s lists. Here is mine….

    1. Sneaking a peak at my son sweetly sleeping
    2. Hearing my son laugh uncontrollably
    3. Wearing flip flops
    4.Freshly painted toes
    5. Hot vanilla from Coffee Bean
    6. Putting my feet in the ocean
    7. Road trips
    8. Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt – especially Cold Stone and Pinkberry
    9. Hearing bf say he loves me
    10. Watching a movie with my mom in bed.

    :) Thanks for making me happy thinking about these things.

  19. SG

    1.Hearing Persian, Arabic or French spoken on the street
    2.Perfectly arched Dancer feet (i.e. Naomi’s)
    3.Library book smell
    4.Edith Piaf
    5.Airplane Take-off and landing (closest I’ll ever get to a roller coaster)
    6.Feeling temporarily assimilated into another culture
    8.Spice markets and bazaars
    9.Old photographs
    10.Keffiyehs (as seen on Yasir Arafat, and more recently Kanye West)

  20. 1. Meaningful and perception-altering conversations
    2. Our wedding: 10.10.10
    3. Rearranging furniture and decor so that our home feels new again
    4. Writing/Sketching/Creating
    5. Visiting the family back home
    6. Intensely productive days
    7. Blog-searching
    8. James’ unmatched love for me (bc I definitely don’t deserve it)
    9. Days off of work
    10. Games!

  21. Paige

    1. Feeling beautiful
    2. A surprise iced latte from boyfriend.
    3. Collecting playbills from Broadway shows.
    4. A picture so good you can’t stop looking at it.
    5. Calla lilies
    6. My Dad’s stories of his college adventures.
    7. When a pair of jeans fits just right.
    8. Picnics on road trips.
    9. A good hair day.
    10. Femininity.

  22. dkdrury

    In no particular order :)
    1. strawberries
    2. etsy
    3. tights
    4. my high school sweetheart (and DH of 13 years)
    5. our four children
    6. a minimal to-do list
    7. freshly cut flowers and gardening
    8. smell of Christmas
    9. getting my eyebrows waxed
    10. hot chocolate

    Only 10?? Thanks for sharing. Great idea!

  23. Johanna

    1. Finding abandoned grocery lists.
    2. Ducklings.
    3. My dog, Wrigley, snuggling me to sleep each night.
    4. My sweet boyfriend (future husband!) who makes me feel beautiful and always has me laughing.
    5. Woodland creatures.
    6. Miniature things.
    7. Sunday morning baking projects.
    8. Sunny weekend adventures.
    9. Mojitos.
    10. Clean cold sheets.

  24. 1. spring cleaning
    2. baby hugs
    3. green, green grass COVERED in dandelions (I love dandelions)
    4. Diet Dr. Pepper on tap
    5. hearing my elders life stories (if you just stop to listen you can hear some amazing things)
    6. cool thrift store finds
    7. first strawberries of the season
    8. a good (or really bad) zombie movie
    9. playing Wii Mario Kart late at night with my husband after babies are snuggled in bead
    10.doing small acts of service

    So, neat to take a moment & think about all those things we love & are grateful for

  25. tawnya

    I know I’m late to the game, but after a cold all last week, I need to play!

    1. Snuggling with my toddler after his nap. (the times are getting more rare!)
    2. Cherry coke
    3. grass between my toes
    4. the smell of rain
    5. reading a great book
    6. take out and a movie with the hubby
    7. the smell of Utah summer nights
    8. finishing writing a solid story
    9. the movie Once
    10. snuggling under the quilt with the window open

  26. Holly

    It’s seriously so hard to pick JUST 10. But, here’s my shot…

    1. falling asleep next to my husband
    2. paper chain countdowns
    3. rosewater
    4. ginger candy
    5. dahlias
    6. getting concert tickets in the mail
    7. hearing my best friend’s babies over the phone
    8. a new episode of 30 Rock
    9. red wine
    10. starting a new novel

  27. opps a little late!

    1. picking flowers from random trees and bushes
    2. laughing uncontrollably
    3. my doggie bounding toward me, his whole body shaking in excitement to see me after a long day
    4. summer bbq’s and dinners in the backyard
    5. cold pizza for breakfast
    6. diving under ocean waves
    7. seeing the golden gate bridge almost every day and still being completely in awe
    8. teaching my little brother new “tricks”
    9. summer fruits: strawberries, watermelon, raspberries, peaches
    10. crossing off the to-do list

  28. tilly

    I could of written 20 which is a nice thought

    Things that make me happy

    Things that make me happy

    1 cuddling my boyfriend where ever that may be
    2 having tea and cake with my mum and us lovingly arguing over who will pay
    3 the smell of the sea
    4 finishing a drawing and being happy with it
    5 falling asleep with the boyfriend after a picnic in the sun
    6 buying new plants and watching them grow
    7 spending time with old friends
    8 crafting things
    9 getting new books
    10 finding old souvenirs or personal collected objects

  29. 1. hands covered in food dye from making cupcakes
    2. listening to the rain on the tin roof
    3. brightly coloured tissue boxes
    4. looking at old photos
    5. snow on the mountains (I live in NZ, it’s nearly winter here!)
    6. home made eggs benedict
    7. watching my kitten play with his mousey
    8. getting hand written letters in the post
    9. funny swine flu jokes
    10. driftwood

  30. Carly

    1. awkward-theme themed gatherings
    2. tinkering with ukuleles
    3. zoning into my paintings while working on them
    4. sunny beach picnics with kites
    5. children’s book illustrations
    6. hot summer nights with iced tea and watermelon slices
    7. stop motion animation
    8. film stills and tilt-shift photos
    9. volunteering with friends
    10. googly eyes personifying inanimate objects

  31. Hi Naomi. Great idea…love reading all the lists you’ve collected. You should make a book!
    Here’s my list. Take care, Tonia

    1. Leaving work on a Friday night and anticipating a weekend with Nate.
    2. Falling asleep under the stars in a cozy sleeping bag.
    3. Smelling blossoms and fresh cut grass in the spring.
    4. Forgetting I painted my toenails and being surprised when I see them
    5. Squeezing a chubby baby’s legs
    6. Giving the perfect gift
    7. Witnessing little miracles
    8. Chips and salsa
    9. French perfume shops
    10. Kissing and hugging the same man forever

  32. 1. watching my fish swim
    2. holding hands in bed
    3. cooking cupcakes
    4. train trips through the country
    5. 4am blues jams
    6. dress up parties
    7. lula magazine
    8. photo booths
    9. a good book
    10. my ipod


  33. joolee

    Oh how do I pick just ten…
    1. escaping in a good book
    2. running by myself, sans double jogging stroller
    3. a good foot or hand massage (via my husband, of course)
    4. husband’s smoothies
    5. cuddling with husband and basking in his scent of crispy clean clothing mixed with Old Spice
    6. cuddling with my children
    7. when husband loads/unloads the dishwasher (heaven!)
    8. seeing the beauty in little things as I draw, take pictures, paint…
    9. whipping up a creation on my sewing machine
    10. kisses from my children, morning, noon and night
    Love, LOVE your bloggy blog!. Keep up your fabulous work and creativity…

  34. j

    1. exploring a new city
    2. tea shops
    3. power showers
    4. discovering new music
    5. hugs
    6. baby hands
    7. deep conversations late at night
    8. amazing lines from books where you know exactly what they mean
    9. hoodies
    10. irish accents

  35. Marisa

    1. Rain any time of the year + Spring thunderstorms.
    2. My spoon collection and spoon ring.
    3. Spoonfuls of peanut butter for breakfast.
    4. My summer tradition of drawing cat faces on myself and my 8-year old neighbor.
    5. My reversibile and unisex rain jacket.
    6. Scooter rides with friends.
    7. Babushka dolls.
    8. Will.I.Am’s Yes We Can video.
    9. E-mails from old friends.
    10. Swinging at my childhood park.

  36. KLN

    1. my boy friend yanne’s silly faces
    2. old photos of my grandparents when they were my age
    3. red painted toenails
    4. wearing high heels while i cook
    5. landing on Maui (home)
    6. floating on my back in the ocean looking up at the clouds
    7. strong women (spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically)
    8. taking photos of my boy friend when he’s not looking
    9. laughing so hard with my sister we can’t breathe
    10. being organized

  37. hi!! i am in love with your blog. i already said that on a diff post but i cant stop reading it. :) you and your husband remind me of my bf and i. :)

    my 10 are::::
    1-morning hugs! can't start my day without hugging the bf.
    2-taking pics of everything i do. i swear i should hire someone to be my personal photographer for the rest of my life. :)
    3-getting in bed at night and cuddling with the bf. sighh..we made it through another day and couldnt be happier.
    4-kissing. my FAV!
    5-making rings. i love making my own things and having people ask where i got them. :)
    6-sunflowers. the bright yellow makes me smile.
    7-cuddling with my kitties and adoring my little family.
    8-hanging at our house with friends and fam.
    9-painted nails <3
    10-bread and butter


  38. Jes

    1. Living alone for the first time in my life.
    2. Watching “Vicky Christina Barcelona” in the bathtub.
    3. Mangos. On sale.
    4. Feeling inspired to take photographs.
    5. Unexpected phone calls or text messages.
    6. My highschool sweetheart planning a visit to come see me.
    7. Making friends with a lady who owns my local coffee shop.
    8. Being asked how much hot water to add to my espresso so I’ll have the perfect Americano
    9. Remembering to take all of my vitamins.
    10. Confessions from a boy who is crushing on me!

  39. 01. photos from airplane windows.
    02. inside jokes with my husband.
    03. hearing a forgotten old song {+ the feeling that it gives you}.
    04. handpicked flowers from my backyard.
    05. quoting how i met your mother.
    06. my husband’s curly hair.
    07. anything that is color coordinated.
    08. driving around until the song is over.
    09. sleeping until the last possible second.
    10. mexican coca cola.

  40. panda

    1. Sleepovers with best friends
    2. Cloudless skies
    3. Photobooths
    4. Text messages
    5. Smell of grapefruit
    6. Driving w/windows down and music blaring
    7. New book smell
    8. The song you can’t take off repeat all day
    9. Idaho summers
    10. Laughing with best friends til it hurts

  41. Miriam

    1. an amazing garage sale.
    2. campfires crackling (preferably a group of friends singing songs around it)
    3. a good back scratch from your favorite person
    4. being tickled until i almost pee
    5. fireflies. i LOVE fireflies.
    6. surprise parties, surprise packages…just surprises.
    7. a big bowl of meyer lemons
    8. family board game nights
    9. good hair days
    10.a smile from my husband from across the room. maybe a wink too.

  42. 1. Sitting at the edge of a lake listening to the sound of the waves on the shore.

    2. The smell of rain in the mountains, or on the pavement, really just the smell of rain.

    3. The first flowers that pop up in spring to show you that winter won’t last forever.

    4. That moment right before you kiss where the world goes a little hazy and nothing else matters except for the person who is leaning into you…

    5. When a niece or nephew tells me they love me and give me a huge hug.

    6. Finding a song that describes how my life is at that moment.

    7. Watching a musical…because who doesn’t want everyone to break out into a perfect song and dance at the same time?

    8. Sunday afternoon naps

    9. Reading a book that is so good you don’t even realize you are turning the pages.

    10. Looking at the stars with someone who you can just sit and appreciate the beauty with!

    I also posted this on my blog

  43. lynette

    I sure hope you continue posting everyone’s lovely lists.
    I would so much rather read these sweet lists of love and gratitude than the daily news when i sip my morning coffee :)



    – a good man charlie brown :)

  45. 1. Sundays
    2. Slippers
    3. Red wine
    4. Fabric
    5. Coffee beans
    6. Love
    7. Roll-top desks
    8. Magazines
    9. Cuddles
    10. Ladybirds

  46. gina

    Okay okay its only 3 month late but I'm new here and I really like that list!!

    what makes me terribly happy?

    picking up husband's sweatshirt off of floor
    counting sheep crossing fence in my dreams at any time.
    flowers that don't aggravate my allergies.
    corn pops
    pretending i can walk in 3 inch heels
    our fridge stocked with anything edible
    writing RETURN TO SENDER on bills… I mean letters
    reading Water for Elephants
    yawning and hiccuping simultaneously (yawncuping?)
    kissing husband in front of children, making them giggle!!

  47. 1. Pictures

    2. realizing with the simplest gesture that makes your heart fill with joy that you a blessed to have the people you have in your life.

    3. getting your hair cut and a new pair of shoes

    4. Seeing great bands, and great people in those bands play live.

    5. Art in all ways shapes and forms (except fake art, like peeing on the floor)

    6. Eating out with people I love

    7. a good cup of tea and Nutella on toast

    8. Dessert but mostly cupcakes

    9. Laughing so hard it hurts.

    10. Spencer Bell songs at the level of happiness they bring me, weather they are simple and make me happy to be alive, or they a filled with love and make me happy that real love for someone can be that beautiful, or they make me dance. Or they make me content, or they make me crack up laughing so much (like Beth and the Flutterbye song)

  48. 10 little things that make me happy:

    [in no particular order]
    -being a photographer.
    -snuggling with my boy.
    -dancing in warm summer rain.
    -roller coasters that take my breath away.
    -sunsets on the beach.
    -sunrises over the utah mountains.
    -eating chocolate frosting like its ice cream.
    -warm muffins straight from the oven.
    -whisker rubs! [when someone with an unshaven face rubs their cheek on your face]

    mucho love,

    Brooke Mercedes

  49. kayla j.

    can you do more of these plz? (:

  50. beemmc

    1. op shopping with my mum
    2. d&ms; in bed with that one person you really care for
    3. receiving actual letters and/or packages for me in the mail
    4. small compliments from my students
    5. sunshine
    6. unexpectedly hearing the right song at the right time
    7. when that one person in the world that you truly love smiles at you and all your troubles just disappear
    8. reunions with old friends
    9. travelling
    10. laughing uncontrollably at nothing in particular with someone close to you (anyone else thinks you're crazy but the two of you understand so perfectly whats going on)



  51. These lists remind me of the blog 1000awesomethings. You should check it out, I think you would really love it.

  52. -candles on a dinner table during tea in the evening
    -calling my mom and she picks up the phone, her voice
    – new piece of accesoires that costs a lot of money
    – good coffee in the morning
    – new book to read
    – good movie
    – losing some weight and feeling energy
    – fresh manicure
    – nice perfume in the elevator
    – sending or receiving a postcard