hello, sunshine. hello, warm weather…

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we really enjoyed our weekend in arizona.
the wedding was so beautiful, 
the weekend was sunny,
we made up a club and read a book together,
we now have more married friends 
we ate one too many chocolate covered strawberries 
(ok i did. not husband.)
and the one good thing about me braking our digital camera friday evening 
was the fact that i somehow brought 3 extra packs of polaroid film to arizona…
so lots and lots of wedding polaroids coming soon…
  1. Julia

    sounds like a lovely weekend! that top photo of you is very pretty :)

  2. love the color yellow on you. and your hubby looks so cute reading his paper. :)

  3. kat

    ooooooh wedding polaroids! cant wait to seeeee!

  4. I love polaroids in the sun, they always come out so well and vibrant!

  5. Dear Naomi,
    I just read your words and thoughts you wrote down the 23th of april. I wish you to stay happy with your husband as long as your live lasts, I wish you good times in the sun and if you feel like taking a picture, specially a polaroid, to share your moments, then do it. Because there are people enjoying and understanding it. By the way, there is a photographer you might be interested in, since your pictures remind me of her work. Her name is Stefanie Schneider (here you can see some of her work: http://www.lumas.de/?id=618&artist;=30&wid;=117&p;=6&version;=1&ed;=). Love, AnnLuise

  6. What a wonderful summer-y photo of you! I wish I had more married friends because they’re such a strong source of support in my own marriage; a wonderful blessing.

  7. Diana

    You look like a 1940s movie star in that top photo! Bee-yutee-full!

  8. Farah

    yum…choc covered strawberries..*drools* lol ;)

  9. Liv

    You guys keep breaking cameras on your trips…?! That’s such a bummer! I feel like I can’t enjoy a vacation unless I get to take photos.

    But the polas look great! Can’t wait to see more and pretend it’s warmer here in Utah.

  10. Sounds like such a fun weekend! Chocolate covered strawberries turn anything into perfection.

  11. Great pictures. LOVE them. If only to be half as cute as you. Will get back to you this week or beginning of next about the sponsorship. Thinking YES though. thanks…

  12. what cuties you are! glad you had a great trip!

  13. Martha

    Oo I love that yellow! Yeah for warm weather!

  14. danika

    you two are so dang cute. I love your polaroid pics, makes me want to buy one.

  15. glad you enjoyed our homestate! Gorgeous! You look like a brunette monroe! I’m so jealous of the poloroid, how much do they go for these days? We really must meet up on our roadtrip to Norfolk, VA from Cali !!!

  16. Brooke

    Gotta love warm weather!

  17. you two are oh so cute! love the sunny polas, can’t wait to see the others from your weekend in the sun :D

  18. Jasmine

    yay! glad you guys had a fun weekend! whatever your wearing in that photo is adorable! is it a swimsuit, top, dress? and where did you get it? sorry for being so nosey; it’s my favorite color to wear (btw, every time i see you in that yellow coat, i WISSSSHHH i knew where to find one – it’s my dream coat. sigh.)


  19. Sum

    You look gorgeous, sunny and bright! I’m glad you two had fun! :)

  20. Yellow is such a pretty color on you! ;)

  21. Love the swimsuit! So cute! We love Phoenix.

  22. glad you had such a great time!!

  23. These are such sweet photos! Married friends can be tricky since you need to find four people that like to spend time together rather than just two…it’s almost like dating again. So, well done you!

  24. Rebecca

    It’s pretty awesome that you wear lipstick even while at the pool :)

  25. Lynn

    You look lovely! and Josh is super paparazzi evader although he looks like he might be smiling behind that paper : )
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time, such good news!!!

  26. Jayne

    glad to hear you had a good weekend! those pictures are adorable! question – where did you manage to get a polaroid camera and film? i’ve been looking everywhere!

  27. I’m glad you enjoy what we have to offer down here!
    Love those pictures!
    Sad about your camera!

  28. Love the yellow suit and the red lips. You are adorable!

  29. Jodes

    i adore your photos always, but polaroids do add to the charm.
    i love the colors in the photo of you.
    thanks for brightening up the blogosphere on the regular, yo.

  30. Shawn

    Great place to visit and do some sunning, but its not a place that I would want to live…

  31. jslvr.

    these pictures are super cute. however, i find it amusing that you’re in a bathing suit and your husband is sitting in the arizona heat in jeans and a tshirt, haha!

  32. yay for arizona weddings! i hope you enjoyed our sunny sunny state.

  33. Mina

    looks like such a fabulous weekend! i am jealous of your sun… it’s so cold where i am! p.s. i just adore your site, you are just so creative and inspiring.

  34. CAPow

    those polaroids are so cute!…and there is no such thing as eating too many chocolate covered strawberries!

  35. Lindsey

    You are just the cutest little thing in a swimsuit. And I, for one, am glad your digital broke and the polaroid got center stage again. Sure makes for some great photos!

  36. dear mrs davis,

    a question for you, do you truly always dress so lovely and glamourous? in your skirts and and dresses and heels and frilly shirts? like even on picnics where one could get all sweaty and hot.. or even on road trips when sitting so much ones clothes start to pinch? if this is the very truth and you are one to dress in my dream clothes 24/7 would a madam as gracious as yourself be willing to post your secrets to lady like dreams dressing success?? one (me) would be gratful

    Rachel yvette ;)

  37. i echo mrs. tharpey’s sentiments. please please please. you have the most amazing sense of style!

    and p.s. i want your swimsuit!!! so cute!!!