1. Angie

    Packing, packing, packing. To move into YOUR apartment! :) Also taking my anesthesia board exam for school.

  2. Brandi

    Good luck! (There’s always so much to do when you move.) I’ve got plans to see a super-fantastic show in the West Village with singers, aerial artists, and a Bollywood dancer, just to name a few. I’m quite excited (especially since I know one of the singers).

  3. angie, that sounds so weird to actually hear! we’re really excited for you guys though!! so glad our place will be in good hands back in nyc. good luck with your exam!

    and brandi, you’re making me miss nyc.
    i’m excited for your weekend plans too and i don’t even know you!!! lucky girl!

  4. kamille

    throwing my baby’s 1st birthday party!!

    i meant to comment on your video the other day…you have such a way of making life seem so magical and enchanted. it’s really a talent. that’s why i love reading your blog (ps this is my first comment on here ever! even though i have been following you for some time…)

  5. Shelley

    Sewing!!! and maybe visiting my mom, she hasn’t been feeling very well at all and the doctors don’t know what is wrong with her.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I look forward to seeing the results of your very busy weekend :)

  6. Sandi

    I am taking a day trip to Vegas to play with my best friend! SHOP SHOP SHOP!!!

  7. this picture makes me so happy! i’ll just be getting ready for my etsy shop’s opening on monday and trying to make my way out to the beach! have a fabulous weekend. xo

  8. this makes me happy.

    finals. wedding registry. (bah!) packing packing.

    happy weekend!!!
    m. estelle

  9. you have such a fabulous life, if you didn’t know. for my weekend, might be seeing a movie and having a middle eastern picnic with a game of scrabble.

  10. m good

    What are we doing this weekend? A garage sale — do you need some furniture from Michigan? Just kidding. I might take a little of the money we make and go buy myself a big red balloon – I love the pic. :) M

  11. darling photo! I am indulging Hub by going to the Long Beach Grand Prix and eating yummy fair type food!

  12. Finals… sooo many finals.

    Love your blog, btw. I’ve been following it for several months now.

  13. Scooting, painting, coffee and cupcakes!

    You are SO cute!

  14. Whitney

    Finals. Bleh!

  15. Erin

    annual Juneau folk festival! loved your video the other day…too cute.

  16. jess

    Good luck with your furniture shopping… I find it super frustrating! But painting should be fun.. what color did you decide?

    I am having a fondue party with all of my girlfriends and their babies!

  17. Rachel

    This weekend I am hoping to make tons of cards because my supply is running low! But, I have to finish my laundry and the deep cleaning of my room :D Good luck finding on the furniture!

  18. That is such a cute picture! I love love love polaroids, it’s such a costly habit though. I hope you get everything done! xx

  19. birthday party and relaxing with my family. oh and that paper due on monday.

  20. Helen

    I’ll be wishing I was back in your little rockstar apartment in NYC! I miss it :(

    Helen x

  21. Getting ready to pick up my baby from her first year of College in Utah. I’m finishing up the sewing project of a couple skirts to wear. Hope it’s good weather. I can’t wait to have my daughter home again.

  22. cannot wait to see what you do with the place!!

  23. lola

    Sounds quite enjoyable! Have fun while I am stuck in finals.

  24. hey there – i used to live on 15th and S in DC and loved furniture shopping there. hit up cady’s alley for inspiration (though it’s a bit expensive) and get pastries at leopolds. check out millenium on u street for really high quality midcentury modern pieces. meeps occasionally has some cute pieces. and (not sure if it’s open) but there used to be a great place on 14th and t across from the black cat that sold cheap vintage furniture and accessories. if your’e up for a road trip head out to virginia for the AMAZING finds at vintage swank. oh and some weekend you should definitely go up to hampden in baltimore.

    side note: if youre a cupcake person, you MUST try the bacon cupcake at buzz, my favorite district bakery. yum.

  25. bradget

    I’m so jealous you get to go to the DC temple! Gorgeous.

  26. bradget

    I’m so jealous that you get to go to the DC temple. Gorgeous!

  27. You know, I just wanted to tell you how much I adore your blog, a friend of mine told me to check out your blog one day, and now I’m totall hooked! Also, you guys are awesome missionaries and so cool for having links to temple FAQ’s and lds.org. I love the you guys got married in the Manhattan Temple. We got married last October in the Salt Lake Temple. Beautiful. I hope to see the Manhattan Temple some day.
    Good luck with your weekend plans!

  28. adore your blog : )
    weekend fun
    1.planting window boxes
    2. dinner party
    3. chillaxing on my last days of spring vaca

    buon weekend!

  29. What colors are you guys using in your home? Good luck with everything. Please put lots of “before and after” pics up!


  30. Sum

    It sounds like a fun and lovely weekend for you! I’m so jealous. Shopping for furniture is always so much fun. I am studying for exams plus writing 30 pages for my finals! Which I should probably get to now instead of blogger. Yikes. haha

  31. Malinda

    Planting my garden, building a chicken coop, and enjoying the Tennessee sunshine!

  32. i love the dc temple! the first one i ever went to. enjoy it for me as well, please.

    i am planting my vegetable garden this weekend. already spent four hours weeding today. so rewarding!

    good luck with your weekend to do list.

  33. Sarah

    where are your legs! ah!!!!!! love you

  34. noella

    such a cuute pic! I should remember to make me a list of things to do in my ny trip this summer and on the top of them.. a polaroid shot of me with a big red balloon in central park :)
    there is this event thing for part of my work so im planning to go the autodrome (formula one car racing thing) and there's a rumour that they might teach us drifting too!!! Time for a Fast & Furious movie marathon!

  35. Growing up we’d always pass the DC temple on 495 and I thought it was Disney World. I was so angry at my parents for never taking me when it was SO CLOSE. Then I grew older and learned geography…and that it isn’t a golden mickey mouse on one of the spires…

    I hope you guys enjoy getting settled in. :)

  36. The temple is always good to visit. The DC temple is gorgeous too, I can’t wait to do more than baptisms.

  37. Sarah

    This polaroid makes me happy. I hope you had a good weekend!