happy weekend!

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we’re flying to phoenix arizona in a few hours for the weekend
to attend a lovely little wedding.
and hopefully, we’ll be swimming a little too 
and enjoying that 80 degree sun out there.
crossing my fingers…
have a wonderful weekend!
  1. We’ve got 80 degree weather out here in IL today, too!

  2. welcome to az! you’ll definitely get your sun… it’s been in the 90’s. (too hot!)

  3. Mindy

    It’s beautiful here right now! Enjoy your trip.

  4. Sum

    Have fun in Arizona! Your hats are adorable.

  5. oh girl, it has been a lot hotter then 80 degrees here! We hit triple digits at the beginning of the week! Bring your shorts!

  6. Alisha

    You’re lucky you are getting the 80 degree weather. Last Tuesday it got up to 100! Luckily it’s cooling down, just for you.

  7. i looove phoenix! have a wonderful time! :)

  8. Bring the sun screen, its triple digits in good ol’ AZ! That’s how we do spring down here. Have a great time at the wedding and in the pool.

  9. Kristy

    We're so lucky to have you visit our sweet city. Perfect weather for your trip & the wedding! I know hamburgers are your thing, but I really think you should try our pizza. Pizzeria Bianco, and La Grande Orange, don't miss out!

  10. We’re havin’ awesome weather up here in the northeast this weekend.
    So lucky to be goin’ to phoenix.
    Have fun and have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Beth

    You guys couldn’t get anymore adorable if you tried! So so cute!! Enjoy your trip to Phoenix.. I don’t think you’ll be needing to pack the hats! :)

  12. have a great weekend!

  13. Have you ever been to a Chipotle? If you haven’t you have to go to the one in Phoenix. Great food!! Have fun in AZ!!

  14. danika

    ah yes, it’s nice and cozy warm over here in AZ. enjoy you’re trip!

  15. Sara

    Where on earth did you get those hats? They’re fantastic!

  16. Hi! So, I know you are totally into food, as well as I am(i am most definitely a foodie), so I have a few suggestions for you! I grew up in AZ and have a few favorites that i still crave.

    1. Gecko Grill(in Gilbert on Guadalupe and Gilbert Rd)- a Mexican Food Restaurant. GET THE SHRIMP TACOS (or shrimp burrito) absolutely delicious!
    2. Tia Rosa (in mesa)- Also get a shrimp taco or the pork in anything
    3. Sauce(in gilbert on Val vista and Baseline)- delicious. pasta, and thin crust pizza, walk up and order type of thing.
    4. In-N-Out (of course on stapely dr. – it is the best In-N-Out in AZ)
    5. The Farmhouse(in Gilbert somewhere)- really cute and little. breakfast food.

    ok! i think that is all


  17. Malia

    I agree with the poster above, either of those pizza places would be great!

    slather on the sun screen, esp if your standing outside the temple waiting for them to come out.

  18. jen

    Have a great trip! Love the hats, by the way!

  19. you guys are way too cute! enjoy the weather & have a fantastic weekend, and i'll do the same :)

  20. Sheri

    Hey Rockstars…. if you have time seriously call us, Scott and I would love to have dinner or a treat(Cupcake) with you. What a great excuse to get a babysitter. I understand if you are booked with the wedding plans but call if you get a chance.

    Your Boring Unrockstarlike Cousin

  21. Sheri

    I wanted to tell you that you should really check out Pizzaria Bianco if you get a chance. Get ready to wait 2 hours but really great food. Google you will see it is rated a #1 pizza place. Have fun on you trip.


  22. Emma

    we’re off to a wedding too this weekend. have a great time! I’m so jealous it’s going to be hot where you are, it’s going to be a rainy english spring here.

  23. where in heavens name did you get those adorable toques???

    (i’m from canada, so if you don’t know toques=winter hat/beanie/ski cap)

    so cute!

  24. Tara

    It’s hot here!!! Enjoy your trip.

  25. Emily

    I love your toques! They are adorable. May I say that I love your blog and that your cupcakes and lipstick put a smile on my face, no matter what anyone else says. Enjoy your weekend in Pheonix.

  26. thanks for the recommendations!!! we arrived a few hours ago and i’m already in heaven.

    you know i’m going to try my hardest to sneak away from all the festivities to try at least ONE burger place… (or pizza by the looks of these tips) but we shall see how much time we’ll actually have…

    all i know is i love this warm weather here. and i love that a warm chocolate chip einsteins bagel greeted me in the lobby of the phoenix airport.

    it’s going to be a lovely weekend!


  27. emily

    Hope you guys have a great time! I'll be in Phoenix in another week (first time out there). Can't wait to see your pictures ♥

  28. Collin

    I stumbled upon your cute blog while reading some of Leo Patrone’s. (Did he do your wedding photos? He did mine this past November.)
    Anyway, you have lovely photos and things! And I’m from Phoenix az, but living in Provo ut for a bit, so I’m jealous because I miss my family.
    Hope you have fun in the sun.


  29. Ann

    Arizona is so beautiful- and it should be pleasantly WARM!

    I had to comment, I LOVE your hats!

    Have a good trip!

    Ann in SC

  30. Wow, do you guys ever work? I’m jealous. :)

  31. You are welcome to visit my family and I in NC anytime. Just let us know!


    P.S. How do you NOT gain weight with all the eating you guys do???

  32. jess

    wow josh has amazing cheekbones.

    love the hats

  33. Cutest. picture. ever.

  34. you two are just too adorable! please let me know where i can get a hat as cute as these!

    [email protected]