happy easter!

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we spent time today with husband’s cousin and her family out in virginia. 
she has the most adorable children ever… 
and they somehow beat husband to finding all the easter eggs in the yard. 
bizarre, i know.
hope you had a beautiful easter! 
  1. Shawn

    Happy Easter to you!!

  2. Emmy

    That is a great picture! Love both expressions!

  3. awww your husband looks so defeated (but i do love his Easter outfit!)

  4. Sum

    hahah adorable!

  5. jb

    Cute picture Naomi..Happy Easter to you and your family and thanks for dropping by my blog much apprecited. May love,joy and happiness be with you always, you brilliant women you.


  6. Oh poor Josh! Hahaha!

  7. Serena

    So many great things about the Easter season…and, yes, that even includes egg hunting :-)