dear journal.

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on saturday we got new dc drivers licenses. i thought husband was going to have a heart attack as he watched his new york license go through the shredder. i patted his back and kept telling him it was ok. we’re dc residents now… officially. i guess next time we’re in new york, we’ll be considered tourists.

we ventured out to lucketts virginia later that day. we drove with the top down and now have slightly sunburned noses. but the weather was so beautiful, it was worth it.
we also fell in love with lucketts. and maybe leesburg virginia too. i noticed i’m falling hard for green fields, junk yards and old barns. i don’t think i’m a city girl at heart after all.
and on the drive back, we listened to bing crosby. i put my feet up on the dashboard and pointed my toes really hard. i think i’m ready to dance now… you know, like professionally. 
  1. Meg Fee

    oh girl, i gotta call you. you’re ready to dance and i’m ready to well…not dance, cough cough. i think im not a city girl either. right now i’m dreaming of the english countryside.

  2. Sum

    Ahhh! Your pictures are adorable. I very much like this post.

  3. i guess i’m not a city girl at heart either if junk yards and old barns appeal to me too! btw, that picture of you two is genius.

  4. oh, i love this.
    all of this dear journal/picture stuff could be a very lovely book, naomi. your life is just darling…and we love it.
    is that totally weird?
    maybe, but whatever.
    this is 20 billion times better than that love stories i try to suck out of my movies and magazines.

  5. exploring new towns is so fun!

  6. Anne

    You might like Middleburg, VA and the drive out there,. Just drive west on Rte 50 and you’ll run into it. It’s been a long time since I’ve visited but I’m pretty sure it meets your criteria.

  7. liz

    yeah! go for it!

  8. Martha

    Sad about the drivers licenses! DANCE! DANCE!

  9. erin

    sounds like a perfectly perfect weekend!

  10. MJSSJM

    LOVE the photos. And yes, please dance!

  11. Sarah

    Have you been stretching every day too? Haha! Can you still do the splits without warming up?

  12. You would love New Zealand – lots of green fields and old boat sheds.

  13. Emie

    My fiancee and I were in Leesburg this weekend visiting our good friends! I fell in love with the all the fields and pretty barns! We passed by Luckett’s and I made note of it for next time! How gorgeous are old those antique doors? :)

  14. It was wonderful to meet you over the weekend. :) I really do hope you enjoy yourselves here in the DC area. There are so many little nooks and crannies to explore in DC and the surrounding areas – the historic towns of Occoquan and Clifton in VA, Eastern Market and Fisherman’s Wharf in DC…and the fantastical aquarium in Baltimore, MD.

  15. mare

    yipee for dancing. i’m excited to see where this goes.

  16. my dad wouldnt give his NY liscense up…nor his NY plates on his car( he got personalized NY giants plates) im pretty sure they’re still looking for him… :)

  17. toria

    which companies are you thinking of auditioning for?

  18. so glad you are enjoying your new home…I can’t wait to hear about your dancing!!

  19. Emie

    Also I have to make a couple of recommendations for you:
    Fireworks in Leesburg has AMAZING pizza and Mom’s Apple Pie Company,, is a must! :) It’s in this cute little brick building and they have the best pies, yummy cupcakes and adorable cookies in all shapes, sizes and colors!

  20. Serena

    Ah, you make me want to explore and embrace Virginia more :-)

  21. MB

    I’m in Alexandria. It’s not devoid of character (see Del Ray) although it is somewhat lacking (Hwy 1 and all the strip malls). It’s so great you’re in the DC area!

  22. very cool. sounds like DC is treating you well ;)

  23. Shawn

    Thats the best part of being a city girl—escaping to the country every once in a while!

    I love both.

  24. Anna

    No pressure or anything. But I would LOVE to come see you dance! Always! I’m a fan.

  25. sounds like an absolutely beautiful day. :)

  26. Brett

    Hey love. Amazing. I dont think Im a city girl either. I love the city but the country and great outdoors is so beautiful. So happy you are thinking about dancing! Im so happy for you. Miss you.

  27. Thais

    I can’t wait to see dancing videos!!

  28. Amy

    obsessed with the photos on this post.

    congrats on the move, how exciting… looking forward to seeing photos of your new place.

  29. Love the pictures! Thanks for painting such a beautiful picture of the country side. Sounds lovely!

  30. Erin

    Your grandmother is beautiful! I see where your rockin fashion sense comes from! The Family!

    And NEVER stop blogging lady! You have fans all over the world. What would we do?

  31. yes, mama!

    it’s time.

    point your feet.

    move your hips.

    don’t pop the head….


  32. it’s so touching how you are so open minded to wherever you are! I, too am a country girl at heart moving to the heart of new york city. Husband also had a bit of a panic when his AZ driver’s license became CA and the whole “now we are tourists” idea is odd. Yes, dance dance you shall!

  33. Cher

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw Lucketts, VA mentioned! We used to live baltimore and I would routinely make the hour and 15 minute trip through lucketts on my way to the outlets in Leesburg. I found two KNOLL mid-century modern chairs for $120 at the antique store at the only stoplight in Lucketts. Right across from the playground…You should check it out! You’ll love D.C. I did…Miss it too…

  34. I was just fluttering through your blog for the first time and landed upon this little post about Leesburg. I used to live there as a small me and it forever became my home, though I don’t currently live there. A little Virginian curtsy to someone who loves something the same as me.

    Lovely, lovely, blog. The world needs kind, pretty things like this. Keep it up!

  35. I realize I'm a little late with commenting on this post, but I wanted to let you know about the Lucketts antique fair that's happening this weekend! There will be all kinds of arts, crafts, music, food, and antiques galore!

    By the way, I have been reading your blog for awhile now and absolutely love it. I am continually inspired by your joyful outlook on life and your creativity! Keep up the fabulous work! <3 Analiese (

  36. I used to live in Leesburg! I loved it there I miss it a lot!

  37. just passing through your old posts… I love reading that you liked Leesburg. I lived there for 7 years. Kind of cool to see our lives crossed paths location wise.(I had already left when you wrote this post.)